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The dragon textures are terrible

How much we have to wait to see THE ORIGINAL dragon textures? You lied once that the textures are fixet but they arent. These textures arent the oldest and im sure the team of titan uprising knew it. I will be very grateful if you update the textures once again. And this time i wana to see the original textures. :angry:


I agree . New textures still are blurry compared to original textures. I remember being so impressed when I first started playing the game with the textures that it actually made me want to play more when I wasn’t that into matching games at all. Now I have a 100 person clan organization. Lol please bring original textures back.

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It might merely be due to optimization? At least that’s what I would lean towards the reason being. Just cutting small corners here and there to make things smoother- like they did with the VFX in an early update.

Not that I don’t agree in wishing some dragons looked more detailed. Tripfire, Gloomleer and Toothless right now especially come to mind. But, personally, I thought they did a pretty good job in texture quality, last update, for limitations given in a mobile game. Save for a few, as stated.

Keeping in mind those that are already having their phones overheated by the game, or endless/ long loading periods, I can’t imagine higher quality textures would help at all. They have to find an easy middle ground.

Does anyone have screenshots to compare the original launch day textures to now? It’s been a while, and I’m curious to see a side by side comparison. Not on Toothless, though. I know he’s much blurrier. (And I might be wrong, correct me if I am, but I thought that was being looked into still?)


This was taken on the 11th June. I didn’t have the bigger 3* version till after the update that messed the textures up so this is only what i have.



I appreciate the screenshot, I didn’t end up getting him until later. I had mentioned that I knew he was different and worse off, but I do know he’s usually the go to for comparisons.

I was more curious if there were any other examples out there? The Deadly Nadder and Monsterous Nightmare textures seem to be in pretty good shape, but the lower quality is definitely more noticeable in other species. Stormcutters don’t have seams showing anymore, but goodness are they still blurred to heck and back.

Can’t really tell if that’s intentional or not though.

Here are some comparisons.

This is a screenshot from the current game:

And this is an older one from before the textures were messed up:

As you can see the colors appear more vibrant in the older screenshot. The eyes, mouth, arms and really the overall body have more shading to them. There’s a small skin detail where the arm meets the body and makes small folds in the skin. Heck on the front feet you can even make out the individual “bones” that lead up to the claws on the old one.

Sure it might not seem like a huge difference at first glance but I’d say there is a noticeable difference.

There are also some dragons that just look really different altogether:

Old Tricky Two-Heads

New Tricky Two-Heads

But there are also some that I’d say look exactly the same as they used to.

Old Knock-Rocket

New Knock-Rocket


Ahhh yes! This is perfect~ Just what I was looking for. Thank you so much for uploading these.

And now to get to the nitty gritty of it, because this is my favorite part:

Okay so, the Tricky Two-Heads I was waffling on because I thought maybe they just messed with the saturation and/or contrast and that’s how it got that patchy over-saturated look. But when I actually took it into PS to mess around and try and make sure, I kept getting conflicting results.

Now, I could be wrong. Obviously, I won’t know unless someone comes forward and actually mentions if it’s a mistake or intentional or what the process was, but I think that what they did was a simple overlay layer to make it look like extra highlights or a ‘glow’ or something similar.

That’s what I did here, with @Zah’s ‘before’ picture, and this is the effect I got:

Compared to this picture, also complimentary of @Zah, of Tricky Two-Heads after the update:

The wing is the what is most different, and I think the color they used was a pinch more green, but you get the gist. The wing can be easily fixed if they have the spotting on a separate layer.

Knock-Rocket it looks like they gave the slightest adjustment to the color balance to make its oranges more vibrant, and Waveshaker does seem to be lighter, overall. In doing that, that might have accidentally washed out the little details like those on its claws/hands/what have you. They do seem to be there, but you have to really, really squint.

Overall, and this is purely my own opinion, based only off these three, I’m not entirely sure where the demand for the previous textures is coming from? With that said, I do want to point out that I don’t fully agree with the route they chose with Tricky Two-Heads. I like underlighting, personally, but I feel it could have been pulled off a bit smoother? They did a really good job with Skullcrusher- going off the top of my head.

Waveshaker also looks lighter, smoothed out, his teeth look far better. He may have lost some detail, but in the end, as with the other dragons, I don’t think these are things that need to be rolled back to. There’s always room for improvement and stepping forward, of course, as, again, with the other dragons, it would be nice to see cleaner details with the scales and less blurring.

But I know there’s only so much they can do with their limitations. Little steps.

Thank you again for uploading these! It was very interesting to see the changes in side by side comparisons. I also hadnt realized the other, smaller details they had changed, like the font size and spacing and change in placement of the little nicks.