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The Dragon Vanguard is now recruiting!

The Dragon Vanguard is a newly formed clan with 24 spots currently open at the time of this posting!
We are seeking dedicated, friendly, and active vikings who are willing to participate daily in alpha battles. Since the clan is in it’s beginnings, we do not have any requirements nor a battle point limit aside from daily participation but this may change as the clan grows stronger and we begin to face high tier alphas. If a viking exceeds 3 days of unexcused inactivity they will be kicked off the clan.
So if you are looking for an active, friendly clan this will be it!

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You should talk with @Maja_Mladenovic and @CovalTheShort I believe they may be interested in merging. Starting new clans is difficult as consistent players are hard to find, especially under 15 members. If the three of you come together, you’ll have a leg up


It’s kinda baffling there aren’t many clan-active players around especially since defeating alphas can be pretty rewarding. imo I don’t really see the point of joining a clan just to stay inactive when there are rewards to reap, sorta defeats the purpose of joining one¯_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, thanks for the advice I’ll try to see if I can work something out with these guys c:

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