The driver is classified as a passenger


For anyone that says driving while playing is cheating is wrong because the prompt comes up and asks if you are a passenger! Last time I checked my vehicle was a 5 passenger car 3 in the back and 2 upfront including the driver! Nowwwwww if the prompt came up and asked are you the driver and you have to click no…:joy::joy::joy::joy:

Now safety whilst playing and driving is a different story :joy::joy::joy::joy:




I drive to get my dinosaurs but I stop safely when I dart them! Basically I ignore any that spawn as I am moving! For the drops I will locate a place that has 2 right next to each other and stop park and get them including the watch videos!

I simply scout out an area where there are several dinosaurs I want and I drive to where they are stop and collect all the dna I can and drive to the next area!

Btw my vehicle is free to use cause it’s a Tesla and I have free juice where I live!

And no I don’t use the auto pilot while I do this! In fact if I do use it I am on the highway and ain’t no dinosaurs going 55 on the interstate :joy::joy::joy:


LoL important safety tip. Don’t dart and drive. Pull over and let someone else drive if you can’t not dart something.


Are you joking! I can’t even walk and dart!


LoL I have nerve damage that causes my hands to shake. Welcome to my world.


That would be a good one in court! Yes your honor I was darting and driving!


Funny enough, I could see that happening around here… How would the cops know? LoL let’s not give them any ideas, they just might come up with a “breathalyzer” that can tell if you were dart-driving…