The Drone Controls Are WAY too wobly


i cant even manuver the drone above the dinosaur to shoot and when i do i run out of battery!


And its much worse as you hunting rare or epic dinos. On epics the drone moving is so poor, i often can do a proper first hit.


I like the authenticity that they are trying to create. But for the epic dinos it’s harder with it being a smaller target. I think if they made something like target skins. Like other games where you can pay to upgrade certain aspects but also capping the limits of upgrades on it.



It takes some time to get used to it, like with every game.
The first two days I missed nearly all my shots, now I get at least 30 DNA but also up to 80 with a common dinosaur.
I still have some problems if it moves in a certain direction.
But that’s the thing…
It’s not meant to be easy so you can have the epic dinosaurs in 1 day.
You have to work for it and that’s what makes it fun for me. :wink:

Also a little tip.
When you open the panel to be able to collect the DNA, don’t touch the screen at first.
The batteries of the drone will not shrink but the point to get a direct hit will grow.
Also, it helps that the dino doesn’t move until you’ve shot it.