The Early Bird

So I started JWA to collect a battle incubator and head to the arena to earn another. But before I did, I did my usual sweep of the area looking out for anything interesting and found this.

Talk about an early bird. :joy:


its not even dawn anymore, how is this being an early bird? :joy:

Yeah, I was expecting an epic erlik or pyroraptor or maybe even a pteranodon :hatched_chick:


@hersh U wish. Go back to bed… you’re day dreaming hahahaha… :joy::joy::joy:

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When I took this pic it was around 3.30pm, the map doesn’t change until around 7pm so she’s 3 1/2 hours early. :grin:

Well it made sense to me. :neutral_face:

Does anyone even bother going out to collect them ? I’ve seen a few and I’ll only bother grabbing one if it spawns right in front of me and even then sometimes I won’t bother wasting the darts

I will confess to going out of my way to collect any flier I see if I’m already out and about. If I’m indoors, then I just leave them be.