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The easiest Uniques to get

I was wondering when the average players start getting Uniques and please give tips for getting Uniques

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Thoradolosaur, Indoraptor and Dilocheirus would be my top 3


I should try and get them

Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

The Unique raids are a pretty good way to get Unique DNA easily. You can carry level 15 non-hybrids through most of them.

Can you share some strata if possible :+1:


Either Thor, indoraptor, or stygidaryx

Nice suggestion :relaxed:

thor, indoraptor, smilonemys(get it from raids), grypolyth(get it from raids, stygidaryx( get it from raids)


Indoraptor is by far the easiest to make, 3 raids which support it and Velociraptor spawns everywhere.


How’d no one list scorp g3 and dracopro? If we talk now, they’re pretty easy to get as well.

Thor, Indoraptor, Scorp 3, DCRat, and Grypo are all very easy. I would consider Dilorach & Stygi to be pretty easy as well. Nemys isn’t too bad because of the raid but it’s not incredibly easy to grind out DNA outside of the raid due to it requiring three Epics, one of which is also feeding Testa.

I think people forgot dilorach has the exclusive dilo as an ingredient


yup, scorpius and dcpro

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Thanks everyone for your tips :relaxed: I will check out the strats and jwa toolbox

By reading these I have decided to go for indoraptor , Scorpius rex Gen 3 because I have lots of monolphosaurus and Trex dna
Thanks :+1:

If you are members in good and active alliance, I think you can unlocked unique every month from tournament rewards (rank8 and over)

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Thor, IRaptor, DiloCheirus.

Why everyone catagorize SCP g3 as easy to create unique ? Its hard to make it you are a new player, first you need to find carno on Friday, it couldnt be spawnned by scent so you need to move, then you need mono which is easy to farm only on local 4 spawn. Then fuse them to create SCP g2, and bring SCP g2 to lvl 20. And then gorgosaur, this one is a bitt easier to find thanks to restaurant nest, but still you need to bring it to lvl 20. Then you’ll need 200 dna of SCP g2 and 500 dna of gorgo to fuse SCP g3.

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It is easy for me as I have stashed carno dna from Fridays and there is a monolphosaurus nest very close to me and scorpg2 I have got lev 14 almost 15

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Indoraptor and dracoceratosaurus i think