The end game sucks because boosts lock you into a team, and there's an easy solution

Once you have a full team of 30s with max boosts, you’re stuck.

  • You can’t get boosts fast enough to actually experiment with new creatures. You get something like 105 boosts/week if you actually hit everything perfectly. That means you get about a full creature’s worth of boosts every 28 weeks… a half a year, and that’s an even distribution of health/attack/speed, which you almost always don’t want.

  • The coin cost of evolving new creatures to 30 is huge. If your team is mostly level 30s, you can’t really use a creature until it gets to at least 27 or so with full boosts.

  • Refunding boosts hurts a lot, especially when a boost reset event might randomly be around the corner.

There needs to be SOMETHING to allow players to experiment with new creatures in the end game. I understand that giving full refunds all of the time isn’t a viable solution, but something has to change.

A simple solution that would address the boost side of things - give us 1 free full CREATURE reset toekn every so often. The token would allow us to refund all of the boosts assigned to one creature. These could given out at a rate of whatever Ludia thinks is fair… once a season, once every other season, twice a year, I don’t really care. Ludia could even sell the things for $100 to squeeze more money out of the whales that keep the game afloat, I don’t care.

At the very least, it would allow us to occasionally swap out a creature here or there, and would make it so that you don’t have to spend literally HALF A YEAR getting a creature up to form.


I think they actually stated that something similar would happen come March with Boost Reset Tokens. Well not the free part, but something along the lines of a full creature refund.

Nicely explained! Most of us have been experiencing this for years and increasingly experienced it for the last 6 months. As an example, I have excess of DNA to bring up to 30 mySkoona, Phorurex and Spinoconstrictor. But I wouldn’t have the coins for all of them at once. Most importantly, my boosts are being wasted in creatures that I don’t use for half a year, such as Smilonemys, Tryko, Gemititan, Cera… So, I ended up playing a suboptimal team with little to no chances for improvement. This translates into annoying matches, a lot of negative RNG and a lot of frustration that makes me disengage from the game…

You may have missed the news, but Ludia already confirmed in December that there is never going to be again a boost reset or complete refund. We’ll have to work/pay for likely very long periods of time to get a new item called “refund token”. Hopefully some clarification about this comes in about a week.

P.S. Ok, the total creature refund token makes total sense. They should do that to compensate all their changes such as resilients, bugs and a lot of powercreep. And of course many, many more bugs…

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