The end is nigh


Yup, my time on this bug infested game is drawing close to an end!

Today, in a long string of bugs and glitches recently, I was doing my 6th attempt on Alanqa. Firstly my park that usually has 17 green drops was reduced to 5 green drops with 4 Pteranadon’s and 1 Alanqa… thanks Ludia!

So on my last attempt, I manage to dart Alanqa twice before the game shot my crosshairs miles across the darting area with Alanqa completely disappearing from view, then once I managed to get Alanqa back in view of my crosshairs the time ran out and I ended up with a measley 23 dna. My Alanqa was only 50 dna away from lvl 15, and this game yet again screwed me over.

And before you copy/paste your scripted response Moderators, no I won’t bother sending a support ticket in. What is the point? Can you honestly tell me what the point is? You never get compensated for the bugs and glitches, and none of the bugs I have ever reported have been fixed, and I doubt have even been attempted to be fixed.

Ever since 1.4 was released it has been bug after glitch after bug after glitch, and I’m beyond sick of wasting my time.






I guess another game will come out quite soon. Also based on a film cough… who you gonna call. If its any good unlike the boring zombie game we could see an exodus. There are many issues just ignored. Balance, weird RND behaviour, stuck on loading, silence during catastrophic fails, bugs so long term we will set them a place at Christmas dinner. Its only everything else is worse keeping me here. :joy:


Not sure if this was the case here but whenever I have had the crosshair do that I have laid my finger too flat across the screen while dragging … once I knew I was doing it I managed to avoid doing it again …


??? Don’t understand this


How come 80% of my posts get instantly hidden when breaking no rules, nor swearing, yet spam accounts can openly spam forums? Go figure!


I feel your pain!


This game will go rapidly down hill because of the amount of issues it has ludia don’t seem to care… They are all about the money that’s it.


U shouldve just restarted. That’s ur fault u let the darting sequence finish and take such a low score.

In case u didn’t know that. U can close the app and restart to get unlimited attempts on dinos until ur satisfied with ur score :+1:t3::wink:


Never knew about that tactic, that would have been useful.

But I assume that only really works with event dinos? What about wild dinos, are they still there if you quit out or do they disappear?


It will work with any dino as long as you’re still on top of where it spawned so you can select them again for the retry. It certainly has the possibility of despawning as any dino does, but it does work. It just works better with event dinos as they stay there for quite awhile.


Yep ^^^ wild dinos can despawn so dont get greedy. A low number is better than none