The end of 7 days of Dino’s !?


My great question is will this 7 days of Dino’s continue? Could someone on this forum that works for the company tell us please! Because at this point it’s one of the main attractions of Dino’s are decent and you could lower incubator prices please I’ve already proved that in one thread which is one of the top threads on incubator prices !!

Please continue this 7 days of Dino’s and keep adding epics and legendarys would be nice even if only 2 hits it could help me unlock some I already have DNA for.

Please make the incubators at a decent price think about it 25$ incubators not 50$ and you would sell 3-5 times more which is more money in your pocket and we are happier as customers(gamers)

Make us happy and keep money in your pocket!!

Game is growing these high prices are not needed
Everyone please can o get a like or heart :heart:️ for this we must get through to them with these high response threads!!

This is yet again a plea asking to make things better and also keep thing great with 7 days of Dino’s!

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DinoLord :grin::+1::canada:

Happy Dino hunting everyone and check me out on the big blue app face —- Canada’s jurassic world alive joinnme there people👍 Get our true voices heard without filters.


Im with you on this.


Look what I just got my 9-10th one and its free feel bad for people paying for incubators well the exspensive ones anyways


Please yes, I second this. For many players that have been playing for quite some time now, we are close to getting bored of the game. I speak of myself too. I like it but I’ve reached a point where going out for a walk to hunt dinosaurs is not really rewarding anymore and I was starting to play a bit less every day… until the event came in. This event keeps giving me reason to go out every day on a hunt, and on the way I don’t only collect event dinosaur dna but also anything else I find around, and it keeps my interest in the game. End this event now and you may lose many players if you don’t give them anything in exchange.

As for prices, I agree. They are digital products, you don’t really lose anything by lowering the prices, and you would get a lot more costumers! More earnings for you, more players satisfied, more future for the game. Its a win win win


What did u get dinolord??? :slight_smile:


Got another 12 hour next in line will be my 24 hour I’ll probably get that tomorrow or next day it’s been a week since last one . I usually get every week.

Pictures are above bro :+1:


Fingers crossed… Indoraptor!


Yea I’m my dreams haha


Only rare DNA but hopefully something I can use towards a hybrid :+1::grin: