The end


So is the end???
What next???


Definitely the end but perhaps the beginning or the middle


I wanna see How many coins you got. Lol


Now I get it! No coins to level up! I should be so lucky as to even have any of those


It seems to me “The end of evolving, but the beginning of ban”. :thinking:


I think the OP just copied the picture from the Facebook site! I don’t think it is their team

FYI on the JWA site no explanation either for the pic! Someone just posted the pic

So we will never know what it’s the end of :joy::joy:


Maybe the 112/112…?!


Is the end for your account, or the begin of lvl they to 30 lol


Lol, you would have to sell USA in order to get so many incubators to achieve this :rofl::rofl:


Really you need a hundred gazillion dollars