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The epic Brachiosaurus - does it need a buff? Y/N

Dear fellow DPG members,

Who else thinks the Brachiosaurus needs some kind of buff to make it truly epic? I tried fighting with it but compared to other epics I feel it’s more of a rare than an epic. Maybe it’s just my poor fighting skills, or does the great Brachiosaurus really need a buff? What are your thoughts on this?

Stronger shield? Longer lasting shield? Higher damage? Some special Swap-in ability (Giraffatitan does have a swap-in ability whereas Brachiosaurus doesn’t). Any other ideas?

I haven’t used it in battle…but taking an objective look at it, for not being a hybrid and a tanky type dino, its not horrible. Bellow is better than decelerating impact since it has priority and shields for a turn. And SS instead of pinning strike can be extremely useful. I wouldn’t say it needs a swap in. Maybe, if anything, a minor or medium counter attack. It looks like it would make a good hybrid though, if done right.


I like the idea of a counter attack. That would differentiate it some more from the Giraffatitan.