The Epic “Cunning Creatures” Incubator in the store now

Does anybody on here know beyond a shadow of a doubt exactly which “Cunning Creatures” are given to you (DNA wise) after purchasing the epic incubator that’s in the store right now as we speak please??? I REALLY NEED TO know before I do something I’m going to regret in terms of using the in-game $5200 on the epic incubator instead of just simply using it to help level up the bunch of dinosaurs that I have currently at lvl 18 & lvl 19 & lvl 20.

Monopholosaurus likely. Have had enough of lvl26 monomi this whole week.

From the “News” section that shows the player ALL the Dino’s that are going to be featured underneath the green supply box throughout the week, ->>

Koolasuchus is also a strong candidate!

Monopholosaurus (sp?), Ankylosaurus, Sinceratops DNA are what I need the most of are. I’m just trying to determine “if I do buy the “cunning” epic incubator instead of lvling up my dino’s, will I have a bigger chance to get a crap load of their DNA over the other crap that I don’t need?? That uncertainty is what has me at a crossroads on what to do…

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I wanted to show all you what I’m currently facing in terms of if I do “choose” to lvl my Dino’s up, these are the ones I’d have the difficulty with choosing which to lvl up and which not to waste my time lvling up. (Side Note: The Dino’s on “my team” ARE NOT my current team that I’m using while I’m forever stuck in Sorna Marshes. I just put those Dino’s in that section to show my possible #1 choices to level up first before the rest.)

Hopefully that helps you understand why I’m undecided on whether or not I should get the “cunning creatures” epic incubator that’s in the store cuz some of the DNA that I might be getting could really help me lvl up a few hybrids or maybe help me create 1 or 2 of the Legendaries that I’m sooo close to finally creating.

Cunning creatures are:

Monolophosaurus, Pyroraptor, Koolasuchus, Blue

Dilophosaurus, Koolasuchus Gen2, Diplocaulus Gen2, Proceratosaurus

Velociraptor, Gallimiius, Diplocaulus, Monolophosaurus Gen2, Dilophosaurus Gen2

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THANK YOU TARBOSAURUS SOOO VERY MUCH, I truly do aprreciate giving the exact answer that I was looking for! And thank you everybody else for helping me out with “options” as well, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU ARE ABSOLUTE GODSENDS!!! : )

Just in case you’re not familiar, is a great resource that usually covers these types of things:

I caved and got the incubator this morning, got 1300+ Gali dna, and 160 or so Monolophosaurus dna among others. I had 40 dna for Monomimus already, had enough Gali dna to do 6 fuses, figured I would end up with 100 dna for Monomimus, somehow managed to get to 170 dna in 6 fuses for Monomimus and was able to create her finally! For me, the incubator was worth it!

Thank you. I should’ve caved but since I WAS at 3568 trophies total in the arena but had gotten knocked ALL THE WAY DOWN to 3256 trophies b/c I kept facing opponents that had all lvl 20’s or lvl 22 dino’s and never ever was grouped up against anybody even remotely close to my lvl dino’s. I just said screw it and bought over 800,000 gold to begin leveling as many Dino’s as possible in the hopes that I’d be able to be at the same level as my opponents. It worked for a time but no matter who I switch in or out I can NEVER seem to get past the 3572 trophy marker. Everytime I DO get close to getting past it, the game starts freezing or I click on a certain dinosaur to swap in after my last one died but the game seems to not like (or prefer my choice) and decides to instead sit there with the timer at 0 for like 10 secs only to continue with a completely different dinosaur chosen to come out instead. One that was on the complete opposite side of the Dino screen that pulls up to help u decide on who u want to select to continue the match with. And the games chosen Dino just so happens to ALWAYS be easily and purposefully easier to be killed by the opponent. Whereas IF the game would’ve let me have the Dino that I HAD chosen I wiouldve easily won the match. So frustrating and aggravating to be forced to have to deal with, since there’s no way for me to fix it or stop the “ALWAYS AUTO MATCH IN CASE UR CURRENT GAME FREEZES” BS.