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The Epic of all Epic Dino Event Week


So unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or really just not that interested in JWA you would know this is arguably one of the best if not the best dino event weeks since their inception. If you’re one of the aforementioned “living under a rock” and did not realize this weeks epic set of epic weekly dinos run outside while you still have time!!! I’m curious as to how many members, were like myself, and re-subscribe to VIP, if not only for the precious few more attempts at this weeks epic dinos? Also, have you made sure to complete the amazing daily challenge(s) with Anky dna, YES, Anky dna! What Epic dinos are going for and why? Are you electing to dart the epic you have the most difficulty spotting in your zone, the epic with the most hybrids, your particular favorite epic, the epic that provides you the best ability to level, or fuse into a unique, or some other viable reason. Best of luck, or skill, JWA members may Robin Hood’s aim be with you.

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I’m definitely darting erliko.
I’m darting erlidominus so I have a chance of getting it.
My erliko is at 15, which gives me a very slim chance of even getting to 20!


Bringing my aiming A-game like
jK … let’s get this bread :bread:


Because of this weeks epic dino’s… I was able to unlock Erlidominus and Diorajasaur… close to getting Trykosaurus…

I will dart Trykosaurus tomorrow until it is unlocked… and then have to decide whether to dart more Trykosaurus or Erlidominus to level them at least 1 more level… (up for opinions on which one from players who already have them and can help decide which is better)


I went allmost allin on anky for the epic dinos, except some kentro. So I managed to create Tryko plus one additional level. For the Uniques I will go allin on erlidominus, because next week epic is Kentro once again. That means at least one more level for my tryko


I was able to level my Erlidominus to 24 after focusing on Erliko and T Rex yesterday and am going after Tryko today (currently 30 away from 22). The other available uniques are much easier to level with grinding and help from my alliance.

May the luck of the Irish be with everyone today!



Kentro and anky with some sino and 1 erliko as i can’t find anymore anky about. Going hard on tryko and see where that gets me got level 19 ankyentro with 1000 kentro no anky with a level 20 rex with 1600 so see what today brings


After this week the arena will NEVER be the same.


Haha nah tryko erlidom everywhere


Best of luck with your fusions! Great choice, can never go wrong with the “Golden Turkey.”


This gets funnier every time I see it :see_no_evil:


Tryko is just insane it really is. It can easily decide a match at any trophy level. Not to say the Turkey God is not OP as all get out but a little more rng dependent, and with some lucky clear a team on its own. They are both amazing.

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You sir/madam are %110 correct.

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Never had vip, never will have. Besides it being a cashgrab, it would feel less like an accomplishment to create an unique with vip.


I would of so got vip if i could

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I am the person, as you already know, who re-subscribed the membership only due to a little more attempts.

Just now, I have found your post.

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