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The epic problem

Pun intended. Right now it is disproportionately easier to obtain epic items as opposed to any other rarity type item in the game. This is a real shame because one of my favorite design decisions is that all items have the ability to be viable if leveled high enough. Unfortunately, common items is kind of a misnomer because it is incredibly rare to see anyone using them past the first few weeks of play (rare items have a similar fate). I currently have over a dozen maxed or near maxed epics. My closest common and rare are not even close to being maxed. The reasons for the item inequality:

1). In challenges, a 20 on rewards is always an epic item. Anyone who runs a lot of challenges will start to disproportionately accumulate epics because they will always choose the highest reward.
2). In gear event challenges, you are punished for choosing commons because it will typically push you over the event cap and end the event for you.
3). Those who rely on selling gear for extra gold have to sell commons and rares seeing how epics rarely are a choice for sale.
4). When purchasing packs with gems, there is a baffling limit of only purchasing one common/rare pack a day at full price.

Suggested fixes:

1). Make it an equal chance that there is a common, rare, or epic item in the 20 reward spot for normal challenges. (I don’t recommend changing event challenges, they work fine how they are).
2). Make it an equal chance for common, rare, and epic items to be an option for sale in the store.
3). Raise the limit on how many common and rare packs can be purchased with gems in a day. If I want to spend money for a common item that I think would be cool for my build, let me.

Running a spreadsheet of all items. I don’t have it with me atm, or I would post it. 42 maxed epics and the others at level 7. Not counting Jarlaxle. A couple weeks ago when character rooms kept appearing really helped common/rare numbers. Farmed those none stop. However, I still haven’t gotten all common/rare to max abilities let alone max level. I have only maxed 4-5 common/rare. I would suggest just adjusting common/rare numbers up on 20 rolls. If all common/rare dropped more like 13/19 would be nice. I still think that the character rooms were a patch/reset bug. It would be nice if they showed up regularly and secret rooms increased in appearance. Also like an idea posted on here about having optional harder boss/mini boss rooms add a little extra loot. Have also suggested the monsters with crowns drop something like a 10 card pack. So many ways they could go if they wanted.

You don’t have to choose the 20, sometimes there ar a lot of a common or rare item on another number and these may be more valuable to you than the 20.

I have yet to run across that situation. It takes 217 epics to max an item, 2217 rares, and I don’t know how many commons but I assume it’s over 9000. The rewards from a 20 roll take you a lot farther than the rewards of a 19 roll (highest for a rare) or a 13 roll (highest for a common in the challenges I grind). I am currently laser focused on a certain common. I have never sold it. I have purchased it every time it popped up in the store. I have requested it twice a day since guilds came out. I have targeted it in challenges when I can. It still languishes at lvl 14 (which means it’ll probably be another two months before I max it). Meanwhile, I am easily pulling in 50+ epics a day which means I am effectively maxing one out every 4 days. I think it’s fair to complain about the disproportionate accumulation of epics. I just wish things were more balanced out.

He says in point 1 that people will always chose the highest reward on d20 if they can.

You yourself say that you target a different roll/item in challenges when you can

People often don’t choose the d20 because something else is better

You don’t seem to be getting it. Since the game seems to use a ratio of 1 common = 5 gold, 1 rare = 50 gold, 1 epic = 500 gold, lets take a look at the reward values from Lightfinger Estate, a challenge I run quite a bit.

A roll of 20 will get you a reward equivalent of 9000 gold and will get you 8.3% of the way to maxing an epic.

A roll of 19 will get you a reward equivalent of 4500 gold and get you 4.1% of the way to maxing a rare.

A roll of 13 will get you a reward equivalent of 1350 gold and get you 3% of the way to maxing a common.

This is the challenge that my common popped up in. I ran it in hopes of getting a 13 as my highest roll. Did I roll both a 20 and a 13 one time, yes. Did I pick the 20, yes. Raw item stats are worth way more than the abilities attached to them. Having a character with maxed items across the board is a higher priority than getting the items you want.

Ok so I was bored and am a geek. I went through the challenges I could access to check their prize totals. I assumed even if the gear is different for different people based on the characters they have that the amounts would be the same.

First of all in heartcoil
Epics- 4 spots for a total of 24 pieces
Rares-4 spots for a total of 109 pieces
Commons 4spots 350 pieces

Epics- 4 spots 17 pieces
Rares- 4 spots 78 pieces
Commons- 4 spots 180 pieces

Hidden forge
Epics - 3 spots 10 pieces
Rares- 4 spots 47 pieces
Commons- 5 spots 180 pieces

Frost silver
Epics- 2 spots 6 pieces
Rares - 3 spots 28 pieces
Commons - 7 spots 210 pieces

Sharp stone
Epics- 1 spot 2 pieces
Rares- 2 spots 12 pieces
Commons 9 spots 195 pieces

That’s a total in the 5 dungeons I can access of
Epics- 14 spots for 59 pieces
Rares- 17 spots for 275 pieces
Commons- 29 spots for 1185 pieces.

Since it is a d20 and 5 dungeons it makes it 100 possible rolls so the math is easy. Between them all you have a 14% chance or rolling an epic, a 17% chance of rolling a rare, a 29% chance of rolling a common. There are 4.3 times as many commons as there are rare and there are 4.66 times as many rares as there are epics.

Also factor in that rare/common have one more weapon. So takes even more items to max across the board.

Heartcoil Deeps and Lightfinger Estate are 4-4-4. Once you hit that point, you will never touch anything below Harvestshield mountain unless it’s an event, and even then it’s iffy.

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I understand that I was just making a point of the game as a whole and the difference in types of weapons. I personally am not in lightfinger for challenges yet and can usually only get 1 or maybe 2 dice in heartcoil.

Of course someone who play higher level challenges are going to get a higher amount of epics to commons or rares than someone who is lower. That’s just common sense

I also understand that if I could see the numbers for light finger it would also move things slightly more that way.

I was just showing that for most of the game, excluding the highest possible challenge, you are more than twice as likely to get a common as you are an epic, and when you do you get about 20 times as many of them

No y U don’t seem to be getting it

Agreed easier to max an epic but lots of epics in d20 are garbage and hence will always choose the lower rolls when you see the garbage ones and hence will progress them further

This go’s in combination with your other pint I disagree with:

going for higher stats over items you want - I’d Rather enjoy collecting the items I want. Fun over robotic approach

Having said that I might enjoy PvP more if I just went for best overall stats :wink:

  1. don’t always choose highest reward
  2. choose the ones the high end ones that have only a few to keep your quota, when time or quota is starting to run out choose the huge chunk of commons (much easier to play the quota if you 3 dice of course)
  3. don’t have to sell common or rare even as F2P to have plenty of gold or just sell garbage ones
  4. one a day would get you a long way soon