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The epic tower today gave me this guy! 🤩🤩🤩


I beat bracchio and look what the tower gave me :heart_eyes:


I got it too. Probably will never get used lol


Idk hes fast can wound and cleanse… :woman_shrugging: pretty cool imo


Look at the HP it’s one shot material to like anything lol. I like his look though hopefully get some hybrid in the future


True but follow with another wound n they stack lol


Basic use would play like you swap to it mid battle to use sia. It wounds the enemy with a fairly light bleed it then eats the opponents attack dying so you pretty much pay for a bleed by giving opponent a kill. Swooping to it would be cool to see huge bleed numbers but again would still be trading kill for kill in that instance only use in strike towers with 1 opponent like brachiosaur today(can pull of some fun numbers with this guy spinotasuchus and dimodactylus)

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But he can pin on first strike to which is useful


Swap in, pinning, swoop. :heart_eyes:


Well hes bound two turns but if you get him decent lvl he may live for all steps lol

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Don’t listen to them @Bonnie_Potter, I think it’s a cool dinoand wish I had it. Congrats!!


Hey I got one and I’m not saying its not cool just not that great check his competition

The lethal wound is what you need on a bleeder garuntees a kill!
The shield makes it survivable even with runty hp
It has same sia
I use both with spinota in strike events for fun! The bleed team capable of like 80%hp bleed tick with swoop to swapin bleed after lethal wound :grin:


I found one in a park yesterday, and another one in a park today. Yesterday’s find allowed me to unlock her.

She’s got a great moveset! Too bad about the low HP and damage though :frowning:


I got mine 2 weeks ago, its not competitive. It is getting a hybrid though, I think with Quetzal


Thanks I like it too :star_struck:

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Really? That’d be cool, I guess. Just curious where you heard that and if other future hybrids are coming out?


I hear you, and I didn’t think anyone was being a jerk. Competitiveness is great, but sometimes collecting a new dino that you happen to be keen on is enough to get excited about. Take me with NodopadoTitan :heart_eyes::sauropod::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


There is a metahub article about them data mining 1.5. They found a number of creatures that “could” get released, 1 was a darwin… Something something thats likely to be darwin (obviously) and another bird


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Nice, here’s what my tourney inc gave me

Way to build the anticipation Ludia :neutral_face:


My son got it, 149 DNA… out of 150…