The epic tower today gave me this guy! 🤩🤩🤩

Just created it yesterday to try in a friendly challenge. It’s very niche usage but don’t expect it to turn the tide of battle for you often. :wink:

It was the last pterosaur I needed, now I have them all (finally). Unfortunately I doubt mine will be levelled much unless I go through a frightening amount of epic scents.

They also did an apk teardown before 1.3 that is months old and they found new moves and new dinos that still arent released. Just cuz its there doesnt mean much. I lost hope for those teardowns after that lol

We of course have to take all these things with a grain of salt but Darwin is likely to have SOMETHING eventually. Im not holding my breath by any means but I waited and ignored my instincts about drac g2 and regretted it so this time I plan to be smart and take precautions

I am 21 dna short on that one, didnt receive any in the epic incubator …still looking for the last one I need to unlock it …

I honestly think it could be the most functional bird. Its good speed and bleed means it does have potential