The evasion stance and cloak need to rework


The dodge some time is no good, if you can dodge , you will become unbeatable , if not , you will become nothing and mostly would lose. I know it can be counter , but the dino counter it mostly can easy to get counter by other type dinos, just got some of it is strong enough, but would hard to collect. And also we need put 3 or 4 dino in team to fully counter it, but this is so hard.




You did my day hahaha


Nullify dino’s are great. Also effective against shields and increased attacks. Its certainly no hardship playing any you have. Getting good dino’s leveled is what the game is about


I dont really want go against you but the truth is only a few nullify dino is good they dont have much flexibility like others. effective? yes but can it win in most fight? no. My tragod, stegod, tryos have no problem fighting some nullify dino


I used to play with power tanks they were easiest for me to catch locally. But I hit a trophy mark I couldn’t get past with that team and then started slipping back. Indom, Indoraptor would could consume my team. Putting in nullifies stopped the rot after putting in the effort to hunt in other zones.

To counter power tanks or defense tanks I have to play really big power tanks but that’s because 1.4 didn’t change the meta. I still see Monomimus and Monostegotops climbing to apex because nullify is so very useful against everything else. Seeing Tany has also become normal.


Indoraptor did it before Monomimus’ Hammer Pants were a thing. She’s a Supaa Freek!


You better remove the chance and it should be nice for cloak 60% reduction of incoming damage and 70% for Evasive stance for the same turns as now.Something like that and not two players pray for the outcome <> <<please don’t dodge>>. Because these 2 moves are gamechangers and on these depends the outcome of the fight.The stuns etc etc will not be affected because maybe they are unfair but they are manageable during the fight.


you think i don’t know level is the main point for this game? i was said the dino’s skill not the level. Nullify is good as you said, but is just destroy shield is nothing special for tanker, tanker got high armo and also got superior strike ( exmaple: stegodeus and tragotids), no way can win them with your nullify. The monomimus is special only for that, because it got nullify and evasion, but it was hard to collect and also if unlucky on the evasion, it would be lose also. 1 more is most of the dino got nullify skill is easy to counter.