The event drops


The number of event drops have plummetted with this event. There are none nearby. I had 4 of them in the bird events but i want raja and there are none now


I don’t understand why they have to let those silly strike towers replace event drops especially in parks.

We need more event drops to spawn the event dinosaurs. I cannot fathom any reason why anybody would need 2 identical strike towers side-by-side when you can’t do it once completed anyway. It is worst when rare or epic dinosaurs spawn inside the tower and become unclickable too. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


What’s with the 2 days of worthless commons? I just ignore the dinos, and hit the green drops. They need to give us dinos that we’ll actually end up using.


I kinda figured i was being punished for making my first two legendaries in back to back days… indom and stegdues my punishment being more lythroronax… i will however take mega and raja later on in the week