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The event is done right this time

Thanks guys
The event is perfect this time almost all players can do the event now getting 600 gold is easy just have to do a few dungeons the gem event is grate min gems you can get is 285 I think roll 3 D20 you can get a lot of gold for event lot of ways to get the gold you are also using arenas rules YES that’s the way to do it thanks again guys :blush::wink::v:t2:

You can’t blame them for what some players are doing there’s always a way to get around anything


I’m in complete disagreement. Those players legitimately sitting at approx. 2500 trophies may need to spend 10,000 gold and 20 hours to complete this event if they choose not to ‘cheat’. Level 5-9 character likely cant generate the gold needed to play the event. For a mid level player like myself (Lvl 16) the rewards do not match the cost in time and gold. The ‘cheating’ needs to be corrected. Why should maxed level 20 players using the “cheat” be able to pummel low-mid ranked players. The higher level cheaters can generate +$25,000 gold per day easy running challenges, but pay nothing for this event. Low to mid-ranked players who cannot generate much gold are forced to ‘cheat’ if they want to compete in the event since they cannot generate the required gold. The ‘cheat’ has made the event unbalanced and regular PvP has become unplayable because of the number of battles being abandoned by players working on the ‘cheat’.

I agree mostly, but regular PvP is more broken than usual because everyone not cheating is being matched up instead of down. I played probably 10-15 matches so far today, and pretty much all of them were against people several levels higher. A few times there lowest level was higher than my highest. I ran into one person intentionally tanking, and that was fun since they were two or three levels higher than me,

If you want the cheating to stop if thy don’t fight in battle mod let the unit move ahead and don’t do anything the game will go on you will get fried thy will get the points

Its not cheating. Its inteligently and legitimately using what the game allows you to do. I reserve cheating for those who exploit errors in programming, use bots or other devices to manipulate the game.

It is however in bad form as it does ruin the experience for others as it means the competitive aspect of pvp is thwarted.

Perhaps if one could only drop a maximum of 200 points from their best achievement high rollers wouldnt be so free to drop rank. But a big contributor to the whole problem is the cost in time and goods vs the rewards makes it not worth it unless you drop rank.

I agree. It’s not cheating. But, it’s poor design. I’m looking at you Ludia.

Want to solve this? Remove Test of Might from PvP ladder considerations. Keep it separate from PvP trophy count. Find a way that doesn’t impact arenas.

Or make them always operate at their highest trophy count in the last week or two days. Something.

If they limit people to only dropping 200 points from max then they are going to need to greatly improve their matchmaking system.

What benefit is there in completing the event? Sure, you get bennies along the way, but they’re hardly justification for spending the money/gems to get them, so what else is there other than completionism driving people to complete it?

I’m on… err… 2700 I think, currently, and although I loathe PVP, I’ve never heard of this ‘cheating’ thing. My issues with PVP stem from the very obvious lack of genuine randomness in the rolls, the very obvious rigging of wins/losses (I’ve quite literally done zero damage against a single last opponent despite having damage buffs, no damage debuffs, and them being on single digit hit points, whilst they crit, crit, crit three of my characters to win), and the P2W aspect (I don’t sub or spend any money on this game at all because it’s such an obvious rip-off for everything, seriously, I swear they’d make more money and engender more good will by not having such outrageously ridiculous prices).

This is what makes this mess hard to understand. So many players are manipulating an identified bug in the game [which according to the TOS is ‘cheating’] even though there is no real benefit for these players. The rewards are remarkably minimal in relation to the cost.

All this manipulation has done is ruined the competitiveness of both the PvP arena and Test of Might.

This manipulation was identified shortly after the recent update and was immediately brought to the attention of both Ludia and Wizards of the Coast. Unfortunately, Ludia decided not to correct the bug prior to commencing a second iteration of Test of Might, which is compounding the problem.

I hope this is corrected in the proposed update slated for early November. I suggest adequate rewards be provided to all currently active players to help assuage the losses suffered by players who spent money to play the event unaware they were losing due to this glitch.

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Dude but those are 3036% values!

LOL free play all the way. Looking forward to the day when this starts getting banned because maybe gaming will start to get good again.

Why should the P2W get any compensation? Most of the stuff they are buying is just as if not more random in its value as spending gold or gems on more chances at this.

But I don’t see this getting fixed. They’d need to make the matchmaking be at least as reasonable as everyone has an equal shot of playing everyone else instead of this bizarro thing where people are just thrown out as fight bait to teams they can’t possibly beat.

I only mentioned P2W due to distributor requirements. Due to the identification of an unfair advantage or flaw impacting the monetary competitiveness of the game, Apple and Android Store policies require recourse inclusive of some form of remuneration. Although gaming companies rarely provide adequate compensation, token gifts are usually provided. In the past Ludia has provided all players with Gems or Gold when there have been issues within the game. It isn’t much, but it is compensation nonetheless. I promote the usual compensation to all players, not just P2W players. as all have been negatively impacted by the recent update.

This policy has long been implemented by Apple and Android to deter aggrieved players from demanding financial recompense from the stores.

Dropping your medal count is NOT (say NEITHER) a bug nor cheating. They suffer the consequences of taking a lower pvp rank for the time there. Its called perfectly viable strategy. I dont do it myself, I prefer to stay at my medal range and fight to the grits for my wins, however, this is not in any way shape or form, a cheat, or an exploit. Its simple strategy.

As far as the event, its better but still needs improvements, ill make a suggestions post shortly!

While I see the point being made, as I am unable to see any consequences being suffered, I interpret this to be cheating, as defined by the TOS, via exploiting a flaw in the game.
With reference to intentionally losing to drop ones trophy count to as close to +2200 as possible, a flaw is being exploited providing a significant advantage without suffering any negative causality or disadvantage. The resultant advantage is facing far inferior foes during Test of Might, which economically benefits the player by reducing the quantity of buy-in’s required to complete the event.
There is no disadvantage or consequence to dropping trophy count as long as it remains above 2200.

For example, say I intentionally drop from 2900 trophy count to 2250.

  • In Test of Might at 2900 most of the opponents will be level 17-20 with characters representative of this level, 15 to 20. At 2250, most of the opponents will be around level 14, with their 4 characters ranging somewhere between level 10 and 13. The rate of victory will be remarkably higher at 2250 than 2900.
  • In Arena 7 (not Test of Might) the rewards will be no different as long as my trophy count remains 2200+

The primary objective of the arena battles is to fight for trophies. Achieving a significant advantage without any disadvantage while proactively sacrificing trophies is a text-book example of flaw exploitation, which is prohibited by the TOS.

As such I look forward to having it corrected.

Just read the long form version of the TOS. Yup not cheating. Poor player experience for sure but that points to bad game mechanics.

Anger shld be directed to the game design not to players.

And there are consequences. Some are dropping a level which lowers rewards and some threaten their place in their guild and all lose rank which if rewards are ever attached to as has ben hinted has consequences.

Call a spade a spade.

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Flaws are not game mechanics operating properly.

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Agreed. It’s a poor game mechanic. It turns out to be very frustrating for those who don’t want to use it (like me). I never really liked PvP… now I dread it.

But, it’s part of the game. It’s allowed. One could argue that it’s even encouraged. Finally, a reason to PvP (and lose intentionally) after I fill up my slots. I don’t even suffer lower rewards! Because after I finish ToM, I just crawl back up to my normal level before I exhaust my original chests.

I don’t like that mechanic. I don’t want to play that way. I really hope they change it. But, it’s not cheating to take advantage of a defined game mechanic that is worked exactly as designed.

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Temiam, I do not intend to direct my concerns at players. In my comments I have requested ALL PLAYERS be rewarded for the glitch and did not acknowledge or indicate any injustice should be directed at the players who have taken advantage of the glitch.

As “Help & Support” could not assist with the problem I was directed by Help and Support as Follows, “we’ve informed the office Wizards of your suggestions. They will check with the DM and Player Hand Book! You can also share on our forum here …”

I have no disrespect for the players. I was just highlighting the negative impact this update has had on the vast majority of players, while requesting correction of the glitch and some compensation.

Additionally, derogatory comments certainly are prohibited in the forums. I would appreciate if you would edit your post accordingly. Thank you.

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I reread my posts and could not determine what you interpreted as derogatory. None of my comments were directed at any player personally nor were they intended to inflame/ infused with invective.

Unless you were directing your comments at anothers post and i misread you?

Did appreciate your clarification on how you were intending your comments to be interpreted as i agree with you that the current form of the game mechanics leads to poor player experience.

It was frustrating reading the first few posts where frustration was directed at players, labelling them as cheaters. This directs the solution as being enforcement against player behaviour rather then what i feel is the true issue which is a game mechanic that, as designed, causes players to use a legitimate strategy that leads to poor game experiece for other players.

Thus i advocate for a solution that changes the game mechanics ( others have pointed out problems with my solution i am not sure what is best).

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The line of your previous post. It is offensive, please remove it.