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The event is not done right this time

The rewards for the event are much improved but probably only on par or a little better than the spend
(As an aside one thing that no one seems to have mentioned is that the battles get you points towards your regular arena chests so it’s a good idea to save them until you have a brawl chest off the timer or at least a gold chest - with 3 wins and 3 losses u can typically complete a full chest and squeeze some extra loot out of it).

The problems are:

  1. we all know those battles in which you don’t have a Chance right from the start because of a character combo that simply doesn’t have a chance against their character combo and/or they get the jump on you with a special move that cripples your team. E.g. a recent one of mine I had virtually all melee, they had virtually all ranged, their warlock did the can’t move manoeuvre then they took out my one ranged attack and it was all over.

It is not uncommon at all to have 3 in a row in which you have no chance not because you have a bad roster just because of above (or because you constantly do dmg that is so low it shouldn’t be possible while they crit every shot). In fact it’s not uncommon in arena to lose 7 in a row then win 7 or vice versa.

It’s very frustrating when you buy in and lose all 3 battles even though you don’t make any bad moves.

So the point finally … the buy in should give you more attempts (perhaps 5) so there’s a good likelihood of a couple of winnable battles.

  1. for the love of god give us a quit button - as above some battles are utterly pointless. The opponent (when they r live) could still continue the battle by a bot taking over for the person that quits.

  2. make the rewards worth the effort - 50 wins is a big time investment. The rewards are better but for higher level players they r still pretty lame

I should add thanks for making the event! Love this game, just think the event still needs more tweaking

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