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The ever broken arena

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.
There’s plenty of posts here in this forum complaining about the instability of the battles in arena, for months straight. Yet still they didn’t fix it anyways. I can’t get two stable matches in a row. This is really frustrating and infuriating.
And now they decide to launch a PvP event, all broken and unstable. I want my two tries I lost back because the game froze/disconnected without any reason. And still they dare to charge 60 gems for extra tries. You’re really gonna charge something you can’t guarantee it will work?
I totally quit any PvP action and recommend any other player to do the same.

To be honest i never get any problem with arena work lik a charm for me no issue with loading etc. It very stable. Not saying you don’t have issue or that on your end but to make it constructive you could give information about your device.

I Play on pixel 3 on wifi or data both work fine.

I have Warrior of Waterdeep installed on 2 Android devices and rarely encounter instability. However, occasionally I encounter issues between 1 pm and 8 pm EST. I have always assumed this was due to server congestion, but i could be wrong.

What is your geographical location. I rarely get lag here in Canada.

Try playing on Apple lol my game freezes all the time
Tess I’ll have to play RAID till it gets fixed :shushing_face::blush:

Québec Canada here

I play from Brasil from an Android phone. I don’t believe that could really be the problem since other online games I play doesn’t get that problems here.