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The evil proceratomimus!

I honestly believe that this hybrid is way to overpowered for an epic it’s immue is really op and it’s distracting abilities are also a problem. I lost 5 battles in a row because of this evil little green boi. I would like to know if you know any ways to counter the proceratomimus? ( Edit: I forgot to mention that boosters are play an extremely big role to the green boi’s strength.)


Evil Yoshi xd doesn’t bother me much. But if I’m being honest its extreme for an epic dino.

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no no no. Don’t say it’s over powered. It’ll end up just like Red Bird did. They’ll declare it was a gross miscalculation and give it the stamina of an injured Pidgey.


I don’t have much problem with it, its waay better than a Rat DC. But I have a feeling a hybrid is coming and you know what that could mean.

It’s got to be the most useful epic already. Have a feeling from all the recent dna they made available.


The proceratomimus is really useful but with the boosters alot of people are making it from an already strong dino to a monster that outspeeds everything, It really comes down to if you have your proceratomimus enough speed boosts or if you’re a higher level. A lot of people boost it which may be the main cause of it’s power


Boosts are the cause of a lot lol. But what arena are you in by the way?

Let’s see out of mine Magna, Erlidom, and Dio are good against it.

Arena 5 Badlands,close to Arena 6, matchmaking is also kind of eh, alot of people have level 19 proceratomimus in this area I once saw an indoraptor (beat it out of pure luck lol) but boost are steroids to the green monster. Thanks for the feedback though!

I’m in Lockwood Estate/Aviary when I actually play. I like to swap in my B or even C team lately so I can enjoy the arena again. I just put my A team in right now, what do you know an over boosted Yoshi heh. So they don’t really go away later, just so you know lol.

It’s an end game epic creature as it stands. But at the very least there is some answers to it.


Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it also at times my erlikosaurus is capable of taking Yoshi down with first a speed boost and then rampage. Also by the looks of it erlidomindas is gonna very useful

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Yep usually better to do the speed up first then the killshot but Yoshi is one of the reasons my Erlidom gets boosted. Thank goodness they didn’t have a DC lol.

Oh yes you definitely want to get Erlidom. For many other scenarios too. Yoshi is a pain but its not the biggest problem. I’m legit scared of what the hybrid would be if it does get one lol.

lol hopefully it doesn’t, if it does it may be a unique.

It’s my favourite, although it’s totally getting a hybrid and being nerfed soon. It was featured 3 weeks in a row :sob:


I love Psycho Mexichicken. She has gotten me through some close battles. I have used her so frequently that I do not even use Evasive stance in battles.

Promimus is the ultimate bait for a lurking Draco. So be sure to have a plan in mind during battle selection.

Either that or make sure that the health is at a high enough tier

Procera is the most overpowered creature out there considering its rarity… And especially considering it has similar abilities to the Legendary nerfed Monomimus but it’s way, waaay stronger… That’s why I didn’t waste my coins and DNA… I’m sure it will get nerfed sooner or later… and chances are it will be a heavy nerf, like Mono’s

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Being honest, I’ve always seen MEGA Becky as a goose (specially now that people say it’s too powerful, since geese are aggressive when they have goslings)


You are a guinus it all leads up. Imagine this is what ludia was going for.

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I have a lvl 29 procera with boosts. I like the Dino but it definitely has counters - Erildom, Tryko and Diorajasaur are all good counters against it and one on one, Procera will usually lose.

As someone mentioned, I use Procera more for situational battles. To either draw the rat out or to come in when opponents Dino is low level so big 2x distraction rampage can be used on their next Dino.

This is what my all level 15 team faced last night. Its base attack was strong enough to nearly one shot my Dimo.

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