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The excitement and disappointment

Title says it all for me :disappointed:


Awww he wants to wash his feet.


I have noticed i’m able to click on dinos that do this a bit better. it did kinda a cycle through of what was in the tap area. worth a shot tapping on its head.

I was traveling past on a bus. Managed like 5 different clicks but all led me to the sanctuary. :sleepy:

awww. that really sucks.

Sometimes paning the camera down and clicking from a different angle helps

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Have you tried zooming all the way down the street view and tapping the head area?

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I tried these things but maybe the speed of the bus never game me enough time. Thanks though, I’ll try next time.

Lock your phone and open up again, when the map loads, it first shows the creatures, sanctuaries come last, so there you have a second to click on it

By the time the map reloads, he would have reached his destination, got off the bus, crossed the street, light up a smoke & got a ticket for jay walking.


:rofl::joy: You could say that