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The "exclusivity" (balancing) rule and legendary HYBRID balancing

A few IMPORTANT things to mention

  1. This is a very long post, so if you’re here just for the reworks of your favorite legendarys you’ll be scrolling for a while (i’d recomend reading my reasoning behind the balancing of the creatures you’re actualy here for, you can ignore most of the other balancing)
  2. If theres multiple reworks for a single creature, they are most likely just multiple options on how to rework that spesific creature
  3. This post is only about legendary hybrids, and will execlude superhybrids or s-hybrids (mainly cause it’s already way too long and cause it would be realy wierd balancing 2 seperate hybrid types within the same rarity)

So this post will be kinda devided into 2 sections, 1 me explaining what the “exclusivity” creature balancing rule is and my opinion on it and the other will be basicly ranking all legendary hybrids based on how hard they’re create and then how they should be balanced

1.Whats the “exclusivity” rule
(Btw this isn’t the official name i don’t think it even has one, thats just what i call it)

So basicly what it is. It’s a balancing rule where basicly the harder something is too make the better it should be
So if a legendary has a fully event exclusive component it’s generaly gonna be way harder to make
So compared to much eayer to make legendarys it’s clearly gonna be more powefull

Now this doesen’t in any way mean that something thats easy to make should be useless, and that something thats harder to make has the right to be OP
And also something doesen’t necessarily need to have an exclusive component to be “hard to make”
I mean look at ankytro it has a park spawn epic and a local epic as it’s components. Not to mention the local shares DNA with another legendary that makes a unqiue. Problably harder then certain low end exclusive legendarys

So it’s a balancing rule that rewards a players’s extra effort put into (mainly) hybrids
(I said mainly cause i feel like it shouldn’t stand as true for non hybrids as it does for hybrids, but thats another topic)

So we go down to the easyest to make legendarys like the red rat and monometro, they should generaly be the worst legendarys. Not necessarily useless or bad, but just the worst ones

Then as we move up and up and the “exclusivity” of legendarys increses (so how hard they’re to make) the strength increses as well. So we go from dracoceratops, to indominus rex, to mammotherium, to rajakylosaurus, to poukaidei, to carbotoceratops untill we end up at the very top which should be the strongest legendary
So the power increases with exclusivity

(And with exclusivity i mean how hard something is to make, so DC has low exclusivity and acrotops has high exclusivity, since DC is easy to make while acro is very hard to make)

So hopefully i explained it well enough so it’s understandable(though most people problably already knew about this), now onto why it makes scense

Why it makes scense

Now in this section i also wanted to mention that, i’m defenetly not the one who came up with this. I saw people talking about this type of balancing on the sub way back in 1.14
However WAY MORE IMPORTANLY, Ludia themselfs said that, this is basicly an official balancing rule (they follow it pretty poorly in the legendary rarity tho)

The most recent case of this is 2.2 (but i do know they’ve said it way back in 1.5 i think)

So the rule exists, now heres why it makes scense

So theres 2 main reasons

  1. So the extra grind thats put in harder to obtain creatures is rewarded

And 2. So that easy to make creatures that can easily be overleveld are not incredebly hard to counter
(Take indo as an example, it’s problably the easyest unique to make, but it’s pretty easy to counter even when it’s insanley overleveld, but then again indo is pretty weak for a unique in general but thats a seperate topic)

So the power scaling and increasing like that could actualy incourage a player to spend the extra effort on those harder to make creatures

So lets just get to the reworks already, basicly it rewards the extra effort put into the creature
And again that basicly means a harder to make creature should be stronger but not OP and an easy to make one should be weaker but not useless
(I’ve said basicly the same thing throughout this entire post, i think people get the idea of what i mean)

Creature reworks

So this is gonna work like this, basicly i kinda just took the spawns of all legendary hybrid components, then comapred them, and based on that i’m gonna rank the
Hybrids on their exclusivity

So we’re gonna move from the bottom where the easyest to make legendary is, then move to the top where the hardes to make one is

And obviosly theres gonna be the reworks and my reasoning behind them for each creature

Also, when i say i tested x reworked, creature agaisnt y creature. It means i tested it against the current version

So i buffed edaphocevia, and tested it against mammotheirum. I tested my buffed edaphocevia against the current mammotherium not my (slightly nerfed) mammotherium

And now lets FINALY get to it

36. Dracoceratops
(Aka: red rat, DC, rat, draco…)

(Also sorry for the poor image quality, it’s generaly here so that it’s at least slightly easyer to sort out)


Dracorex gen 2 and Triceratops gen 2: common global anytime

It actualy suprises me theres a legendary this easy to make in the first place, even worse 2.0 both of these were locals, then they were made global anytime and this effectivly makes DC the lowest tier of legendary exclusivty. Both of it’s components being antytime global commons.

Balancing: nerf

I think this doesen’t come as a suprise, DC is by far the easyest to make legendary, yet one of the strongest, and it seems that only till recently it was also quite freqently on some top tier teams. Now i’m not gonna lie it was since i looked at the top teams and today only 1 of the top 25 used DC. Now it’s most likley (rightfully) getting replaced by magnus (but a magnus nerf is another seperate topic not for this thread), and in some cases by DCpro and even mrhino, but still it’s problably the best legendary swaper and a top 4 swaper including all raritys. And thats not just it’s swap in but also the fact it can use CI to deal exelent dmg and instanly get out all on top of 4.2k hp.

So overall it’s swap in is devestating, and it should be limited as a duelist for it and (more importanly) shouldn’t be able to take such a huge hit before getting out

So this is my rework


So, i nerfed it’s hp so it’s easyer to punish aftwr swaping in

A huge change, i changed it’s SIS to only 33.4% rend. Now there would be 3 types of SIS, swap in minimal savegary, which deals 30% of targest max hp and draco g2 would have it

Swap in savegary which DC would have, and would deal 33.4%

As well as swap in maximal savegary which DCpro would have, and would deal the 40%

Now i’ve also deacreased the hp and now it can no longer do a huge full cleanse to get out

Not only does it not do an impact thats not a full cleanse(my original rework was a lockdwon cleansing impact), but it’s only a strike. So it still can get out but it sacrafises dmg, especialy agaisnt distraction

Now you could very well argue that this is an overkill, and honestly i’d agree. I think the CI nerf is the most important one, so that one i’d do for sure however after that i’d problably still go with the swap in nerf but leave the hp
Or leave the swap and nerf the hp

So overall, it shouldn’t be able to cleanse and get out with such a huge hit, that for sure, but after that a nerf in another area would bring it in line, generaly fine after that

35. Monolometrodon



Dimetrodon gen 2: common, global anytime

Monolophosaurus gen 2: common, local 4 anytime

So monometro just barley makes it above DC having a local component instead of both globals

Balancing: slight buff

Now i think we can all agree that mono got hit to hard, i’ve been standing with a mono nerf for a very long time, but this was defenetly too much. Now i’m not gonna get into super complex reworks like i wanted to pre 2.7, but there is something i’d change to ever so slightly buff it and it’s this

download (32)

Mono can now do a revenge rampage but sacrifise distraction for it, i don’t think it’s much but it allows for something

34. Tyranolophosaurus



Tyranosaurus rex gen 2: rare, global day, dawn, dusk

Dilophosaurus gen 2: common, global anytime

Balancing: balanced

While tyranolopho is defenetly one of the weaker cunning fierce, it’s also one of the easyest to make. And other then maybe a dmg buff i honestly don’t think it should have much, it’s kinda like a worse acrocanthops which i don’t like. Maybe they could give it back nullification to make it more unique, but it already nullifys ferocity and breaks shield, so nullification would just make it better against it’s own counters which we don’t want

33. Koolabourgiana



Arambourgiania and Koolasuchus gen 2: rare, global day, dawn, dusk

Balancing: raid-oriented rework/buff

So this is a bit off topic but IMO spesificly group invincibility should be a mostly large pterasaur thing(i know they have a proper name but i always forget it)
So i redisinged koolabour as a more raid oriented creature with group invincibility

download (6)

(Also i forgot to like point out the changes but yeah everything but the DI is changed)

Similar to skoola, it can use shields(tho a completly diffrent version), but compared to it way more effectivly distract and nullify

Now a perfectly valid argument would be that we don’t need another cunning resilient raid oriented creature, but rather a pvp one. And honestly i wouldn’t have problems with either but i generaly just feel like koolabour needs become actualy good at one (not insane but at the very least usable)

32. Indominus rex



Tyranosaurus rex: epic, global anytime

Velociraptor: common, global anytime

This is our first epic component legendary, and it’s pretty clear why indom is down here. Both of her components are global anytime, both indom herself and rex have a raid(and raptor can be found inside of the raid incubators). So yeah the raids slightly hold her back but i doubt she’d get more then 1 spot higher

Balancing: balanced/very slight nerf

So indom overall is quite balanced, but if anything pretty powerfull for her exclusivity. Now i don’t realy have a problem with her power but rather the fact that, she’s pretty wierd with the class system

Due to her insane potential damage and distraction resistance not even certain cunnings can do well against her, while resilient moves which she’s suposed to be good against remove her incredebly important cloak

So i think it’d be intresting if they gave her 1.6k dmg but took the distraction resistance down to 25%

Now anyway onto the actual nerf, cause this above is more of a rework

So this has to do more with resistances and the 3 classes, so when a cunning is immune to distraction, it’s stronger against other cunnings but it doesen’t make them straight up useless against it. When a resilient is immune to deceleration, it’s also better against other resilients, but doesen’t render other resilients useless against it.

Now cunning and resilient are both somewhat defence centerd classes, while fierce are the brute force damage dealers. So fierce negative effects (mainly bleed and rend) are centerd around dealing dmg too. So then when a fierce relies primarily or even pretty much exclusivly on one of those 2 abilitys, it sacrifises dmg.

And now heres the thing, with fierce when another fierce is rend and bleed resistant it does pretty much render those bleeders and renders useless. Now bleeder buffs would be a seperate topic, but basicly what i’m trying to say

IMO fierce should NOT be immune to bleed and rend (exept if they’re a bleeder themselfs, then i feel like it’s fine still not for renders tho)

And why am i saying this spesificly with indom? Well she has both bleed and resistance, i mean yeah with that cloak she’s problably partialy cunning but still i’ve decresed those 2 resistances and the distraction resistance to 25%
(Now i problably should have buffed the dmg but still)

download (7)

Now if you see some creatures getting their bleed resist. Lowerd you know why

31. Darwezopteryx



Hatzegopteryx: common, global anytime

Darwinopterus: epic, global anytime

Basicly the same as indom, minus the raids

Balancing: buff

Darwez is just kinda lacking as a swap bleeder and rraly not much else. If it could utilise shileds to back up it’s bleed it could be a bit more of a threat tho

download (8)

Also gave it the ability to pin and gave it swap prwvwnt immunity
(Keeping this one short, not gonna write an essay on everything)

30. Eremoceros



Eremotherium: common, local 3 day, dawn, dusk

Eucladoceros: epic, global anytime

The actual sloth is keeping this thing slightly up, but not by much.

Balancing: trade off-type rework

So i feel like this one is just a tiny bit above what i consider balanced for such an easy to make creature

So i’ve nerfed it’s damage by 100

Now thats quite a nerf considering it also nerfs it’s heal and 2 damaging moves, so maybe as a trade off it could be given an on escape heal?

But i generaly just feel it’s quite wierd to counter and a lil too powerfull against each class, with the only true counter realy being theirum

But again, you could argue that it could loose the dmg and gain something else like an on escape heal, or maybe that it shouldn’t loose it at all, i feel like all arguments would be quite valid

But i took the dmg and gave it the heal (as somone who was 186th or something like that in the legendary tournament in jan i can tell you getting swaped in on by a rhino is the worst thing ever)

download (33)

29. Skoolasaurus


Scolosaurus: common, local 4 anytime

Koolasuchus: epic, global night dawn dusk

Now the sloth has a slightly harder to get common, and the frog has a slightly harder to get epic, i personaly consider the diffrenced between epics to be more valuable then diffrences between commons, but you couls get a valid argument with the fact that the sloth shares DNA with testa, but i’ll get into sharing DNA later

Balancing: balanced

Skoola is an exelent raid oriented creature, the only thing i’d change about is that RI to a superior vulnerability maybe, but other then that, thats all i realy have to say

28. Allosinosaurus



Allosaurus: common, global night, dawn, dusk

Sinoceratops: epic, local 1 anytime

As i said i value diffrences in between higher raritys more, and i also think that local anytime is harder then spesificly night, dawn, dusk globals (at least as long as giga scenst are a thing) so allo kinda comes on top of the frog and sloth

Balancing: nerf

Now some may disagree with this, but i overall think that allo simply deafets too many cunnings due to it’s IC, so i decided to slightly lower it’s damage, speed and armour, but gave it vulner. Immunity

download (61)

27. Monomimus



Gallimimus: common, local 1 anytime

Monolophosaurus: epic, local 3 anytime

Balancing: slight buff

I overall feel like a slight buff, to just kinda boost monomimus wouldn’t be bad

download (10)

Now there could also be a 2nd option, i always thought that yoshi and monomimus were just too similar, and since yoshi has kept a lot of it’s pre 2.0 nullification, i feel like it would be instresting to take monomimus in a bit more of an ornithomimid direction, by maybe giving it an and run ability?

26. Paramoloch



Parasaurolophus: common, local 4 anytime

Stigymoloch: epic, local 4 anytime

Just this, i don’t realy consider having 2 local components, and both of them in the same local to take away from the execlusivity. If anything to add to it, as the components are less spread out

Balancing: balanced

Like skoola, a raid oriented legendary, it’s pretty ok at it and i don’t realy have much to say

Exept maybe the LGH could be changed to para lux’s EGH but idk it’s what makes it unique so maybe not

25. Utahsinoraptor



Utahraptor: rare, global anytime

Sinoceratops: epic, local 1 anytime

Balancing: buff

Utahsino is just kinda, lacking for a raptor, generaly just a boost to her stats and a pounce i think would nicley boost her viability

download (11)

24. Mammotherium



Elasmotherium: rare, local 4 anytime

Wooly mammoth: epic, local 2 anytime

Balancing: nerf

This i think will be the most controversial on this thread, but i’m standing pretty strong om the side that therium needs a minor damage nerf.

It has very lil hp for a resilient sure, but has armour, insane offence and a huge heal to make up for it, not to mention it’s pretty damn fast as well

So it’s kinda the lack of clear counters that gets me, so i decided to nerf the dmg by a 100 and armour by 5%

download (12)

Now this is kinda off topic, but if elephants and rhinos ever return to their original fierce resileint class, heres another option

download (34)

23. Entelomoth



Entelodon: rare, global day, dawn, dusk

Wooly mammoth: epic, local 2 anytime

(Btw ranking this higher then therium just casue of the raid)

Balancing: balanced

A primarily raid oriented creature, a minor buff wouldn’t hurt but i feel like it’s mostly fine

22. Pyrritator



Irritator: rare, global night, dawn, dusk

Pyrraraptor: epic, local 2 anytime

Balancing: rework

Now you’d expect this to need a typical buff but honestly, i don’t think it realy makes scense to buff this to be just another incredebly typical raptor

Instead, what about making it a distracting irri?

download (13)

So compared to the regular irri, this has less hp and does not remove taunt

But it retains the insane dmg boosts, and hits way harder and most importanly distracts

(nothing here, this is just where compsocaulus would have been if it was a legendary, which is where i still think it was meant to be)

21. Diplovenator



Diplocaulus gen 2: rare, local 4 anytime

Concavenator: epic, local 1 anytime

Balancing: balanced

Diplove is pretty cool as a counter attacker, and truely goes to the maximun with it

Honestly don’t have more to say

20. Spynonyx



Spinosaurus gen 2: epic, global dawn, dusk

Baryonyx gen 2: rare, local 2 anytime

Just wanna this mention this here, i actualy count a dawn dusk global, as harder to get then an anytime local

Balancing: slight rework

I generaly like nonyx’s desing as a tank buster but i feel like RTC would act as a nice addition

download (14)

19. Dodocevia



Dodo: epic, park anytime

Inostrancevia: common, local 1 anytime

So this spot was originaly edaphocevia, but then dodocevia showed up and dodo is a park anytime compared to edapho being an only daytime, so tehnicly makes dodocevia just slightly easyer to make

Balancing: ?

Dodocevia was added just way too recently for me to realy say anything, though the one thing i am gonna say is that flocks seem way stronger then i originaly thought so yeah we’ll just have to see, and i’m gonna leave this one

18. Edaphocevia



Edaphosaurus: epic, park day, dawn, dusk

Inostrancevia: common, local 1 anytime

Balancing: buff

Now when we think of the 2.3 balancing we generaly think of realy random changes that shouldn’t have been made. Well edaphocevia is the one creature that benifited realy nicley from them. Her revenge rampage was changed to a percise one.

Now this is far from enough to make edaphoce rightfully good. So i had 2 buffs in particilar in mind

1 is to buff her speed to 128 and buff her decel resistance to 75%, so she can in most cases withstand one deceleration

Or 2 is to buff her damage by a decent 200

Now this may not sound like much so why not both. Well edaphocevia has great resistances, is pretty tanky and now would also gain great offence, this kinda ends up in her being in the same spot as pre 2.7 monometro (and yes i did test her in the battle simualtor) but still she is also way harder to make so we would have to wait and see

Still heres a rework with both, but IMO only one of the 2 should be given

download (59)

(Also minor other changes not worth mentioning)

17. Ardontosaurus



Argentinosaurus: rare, Monday

Secondatosaurus: epic, local 3 anytime

Fun fact: argentinosaurus is currently the only daily spawn that makes a unique

Balancing: buff

So back in 2.0/2.1 patch notes, Ludia mentioned that they wanted ardont to be a more offensive version of maxima

As we see with it’s FS instead of RS, higher dmg lower hp, distract. Res…

But still ardont kinda underpreforms with that build, so i decided to slightly buff it

download (35)

16. Dakotanops



Dakotaraptor: epic, local 2 night, dawn, dusk

Gorgonops: rare, short range

So at first dakotanops realy isn’t much, but when we consider thay it’s “global” component is a short range, and it’s local a night, dawn, dusk this stuff slightly changes

Balancing: buff

Now i gotta say that dakota is one of those that i massivly underestemated, still that doesen’t mean dakota is particilarly strong, cause it realy isn’t so a buff realy wouldn’t hurt

download (16)

As a duelist it isn’t awfull but not great either, i buffed it’s stats and slightly buffed it’s resistances and abilitys

15. Smilocephalosaurus



Smilodon: epic, global day, dawn, dusk

Pachycephalosaurus: epic, local 4 anytime

Balancing: balanced

This one i problably underestemated the most, cause when i tryed it in the tournament, damn it was strong, i’d honestly say almost nerf level worthy. Still not quite there

So overall very strong for a legendary, and rightfully so for such a hard to make one

14. Rajakylosaurus



Ankylosaurus and Rajasaurus: epic, local 1 and 2 anytime

Balancing: buff

Now i’m gonna say this for ankytro too, but you know what realy doesen’t sit right with me for anky’s uniques and legendarys?

The fact that the legendarys are some of the hardest to make yet some of the weakest in their own rarity.
And then their uniques add just some random global epic/rare and they’re sudenly one of the strongest in the unique rarity

Now don’t take me wrong both dio and tryko are rightfully strong, but compared to them, their legendary components are just awfully weak, and they’re where all of dio’s and tryko’s exclusivity comes from

So obviosly we’re gonna buff rajakylo, i didn’t realy wanna make it identical to dio so i actualy gave it vulnerability
(Could help in riads, if not at least buffs the counter)

download (17)

Now tbf i problably could have given it maybe extra hp, but idk i feel like all i do it makes it too similar to dio

13. Ankyntrosaurus



Ankylosaurus: epic, local 1 anytime

Kentrosaurus: epic, park anytime

Now this is where i wanted to talk a lil about “sharing” DNA. Now i know that many people would problably give anky a higher spot on the list spesificly because of that. But i my self wouldn’t. Now obvoisly anky’s example of sharing DNA is like the best posible, but i think eventialy most creatures are gonna share DNA (exept if they keep adding hybrids fused from only new creatures). Plus it’s realy wierd comparing something to something else, and give it a higher ranking simply because it shares DNA. And if a player decides to spend into spesificly one creature and ignore the other part of liniage, then sharing DNA basicly does not matter.

I problably explained it horribly but i hope it’s understandable

Though another argument for this thing would be the fact that it fuses from an epic and a park spawn, and park spawns are pretty much exclusive to some so yeah

Balancing: buff

Again the same thing as rajakylo just way too weak

download (18)

I think this would be a somewhat pvp and raid balanced build

12. Phorosaurua



Phorusrhacos: common, local 3 anytime

Maiasaurua: epic, incubator execlusive

Similar to my unique post a few months ago, yes i am putting all exclusive component creatures above non exclusives

Balancing: balanced

Phora got a nerf in 2.2 i think. Pretty much what brought her in line, right where she needs to be, don’t have much more to say

11. Alankylosaurus



Ankylosaurus gen 2: common, Tuesday

Alanqa: epic, incubator execlusive

Balancing: buff

Alankylosaurus is an extremly defence oriented hybrid (and i’m hoping the defences are pushed forward when the inevitable unqiue gets added), but it also lacks offence, and even the defences can be quite easy to get through

So i boosted the offences with vulnerability, and as i said with koolabour also gave it group invincibility (maybe if it was even given a long taunting invincibility it would be used for many magnus strats)

download (19)

10. Dsungaia



Dsungaripterus: rare, event exclusive

Miragaia: common, local 1 anytime

Wanted to say this for Dsungaia, you could make an argument that she should be way higher, i actualy checked, and we didn’t have a single chance to dart any of the exclusive pterasaurs since the new year (the other 2 being quetzal and alanqa, so i guess there could be an argument for alanky as well)

Balancing: major buff

Now i originaly wanted to write quite a bit on this, but to keep it short, dsungaia was pretty awesome in pvp. Then they tryed to make her good in raids in 2.0, they ended up slaping her in the face and now shes awfull in both, to top that up they nerfed her twice because reasons.

Now dsungaia is very lacking as a damage booster, healer and group decelerator.

I wanted to buff her (and stegosaurids in general) as group hiters, so i actualy redesigned the move “thagomiser” and gave it back to dsungaia
As well as buffed her in stats

download (36)

So as you can see, i made thagomiser basicly a group decel. Rampage with a crit. (As we’re seeing more crit. Based abilitys like, devius strike, alert decoy, courages alert… being added)

This gives dsungaia a devestating turn 1 option, and due to her speed this also allows to boost the crit chance of your teammates as well. I originaly wanted to buff her GF to a group ferocity strike (and then buff group ferocity strike it self), however legit just due to thag i left it alone, cause it actualy made dsungaia realy powerfull.

And also becasue of it i changed the GEH to just an EH, she got way too much value of that heal, even without ferocity

9. Poukaidei



Deinonychus: common, global anytime

Haast eagle: epic, event exclusive

Balancing: balanced/ slight buff

Poukai is another one of those that i underestemated untill i tryed it in the tournament. It was awesome at shuting down fierce. And honestly goes to show that all a cunning needs to be good is a decent move set and good stats

However theres 2 things that would nicley boost poukai’s viability, these are kinda optional though

download (21)

Non of these 2 buffs directly buff it in a 1v1, but the SID allows to swap in somewhat safley and the swap prevent res. Allows it to escape from a rixis for example

8. Dilophoboa



Dilophosaurus gen 2: common, global anytime

Titanoboa: epic, event execlusive

Balancing: major buff

Diloboa has been pretty awfull basicly since it came out, it’s got one important buff since then (that being cunning strike instead of a pinning one) but still

It’s a cunnig sure, so it shouldn’t have as much hp as titanoboa, but it should have about as much dmg and a better on escape ability

Also on turn 1 it’s forced to go for it’s weakest attack, or not deal dmg at all in order to save it’s low hp so i switched it’s cunning and nullifying abilitys

download (22)

Since we do lack in cunning resilients (or at least pvp oriented ones) however, i don’t think it’d be a bad idea to basicly take the stats from my rework and give diloboa shileded decelerating strike instead of a cunning one

7. Keratoporcus


(This should be porky’s icon, change my mind)


Archaeotherium: common, monday daily

Woolly rhinoceros: epic, event exclusive

Balancing: major buff

Porky similar to dsungaia got slaped in the face in 2.0

Using leathal wound, mutal fury and definete rampage, it was a very unique take on a tank buster, but it did the job very well

Now 2.0 comes around, entelodontids get a dmg nerf and become group shaterers and rhinos become resilient. this effectivly killed porky as a tank buster, and due to it’s low speed and damage it fails as a good raid creature as well

So for porky i actualy made multiple reworks

Heres a fully pvp oriented one

download (42)

Now this version is pretty much as insane as it gets, without making porky extremly unbalanced

Again this is a fully pvp oriented version, but i’d preffer other versions honestly

Now heres a fully raid oriented one (tested it, pretty poor in pvp)

download (38)

It now has some realy good damage for the group attacks, shields and ferocity

Overall pretty good for raids

Now heres a somewhat pvp and raid balanced version

download (41)

Now before you say this is OP because of the basicly group shield advantages, hear me out

This version gets hard counterd by cunnings and even more by cunning fierce

It cannot decelerate, and it’s damage isn’t too high for a mainly fierce, fierce resilient. Also due to it’s speed it realy can’t use MF to speed up on cunnings, so in most cases a cunning will wreck it

So it’s overall kinda neutral against fierce
Good against resilients
And gets hard counterd by cunning fierce and by cunnings but to a lesser extent

The on escape heal would prevent rats from killing it and the swap in stun would allow for a safe swap in

Also similar to what i said with therium, if rhinos ever go back to being fierce resilients

I honestly think having the current porky get LW instead of GSI and maybe a new primal shielded shatering rampage, instead of FR it could be realy good

Also the “primal” from the new moves kinda comes from when para lux had PCS i thought that primal abilitys would affect your entire team and the enemy team, so thats where it kinda comes from

For the on escape heals, moth has it and i belive entelodon has/had it, so it kinda just originates from the entelodon liniage

6. Carbotoceratops



Carbonemys: epic, global anytime

Nasutoceratops: rare, event exclusive

Balancing: buff

This would have originaly been way more of a buff, but still carbocera has a swap in, not a very damaging one, but i still do think it should be slightly limited in a 1v1 because of it

I also thought that having the basic move be distraction was wierd, but i kinda like it as a very deffensive creature so i overall think it’s moveset is fine

download (26)

I buffed it’s hp and gave it vulner res. But thats it

5. Gryleneken



Gryposuchus: epic, global anytime

Keleneken: rare, event exclusive

Balancing: rework

The way i’ve seen crock duck basicly since 2.0 is phora but if she had raking claws thats it honestly

I don’t realy like it’s kit either it feels like if monomimus had an and run ability, thats it

If theres anyome who actualy used gryleneken, i’d like to know your opinion on it, but to me it’s just wierd

I think giving it ferocity would make a lot of scense

Terror birds themselfs are designed to be anti-dodge dodgers

Crock duck could take this a step further and be an anti-cunning cunning (instead of being restricted to dodging)

download (28)

However in this rework it’s slower then most cunnings so it’d be forced to speed up

4. Diloranosaurus



Dilophosaurus: rare, event exclusive

Ouranosaurus: epic, local 4 anytime

Balancing: buff

This is a raid oriented cunning (imo cunning resilient), and it’s not awfull at it, but i feel like it could use a boost by getting some nullification

download (29)

This nullifying counter (i belive) wouldn’t waste ferocity attacks, so it wouldn’t waste bigger heals, but it would help keeping a bosse’s (mainly) ferocity in check, and allow dilorano to heal without having to worry about the bosses bigger hits

Also some resistance buffs

3. Pteraquetzal



Pteranodon: epic, local 3 anytime

Quetzalcoatlus: rare, event exclusive

Balancing: buff

So pteraquetz is another creature which i underestemated

Problably the best shielding ability in the game combined with a counter is no joke, the rest of the abiltys like IaR and NI don’t add a ton but they’re defenetly very helpfull

However i defenetly think that pteraquetz could use a boost (i problably said this like 10 times at this point)

download (30)

I gave it another impact and it’s decel resistance could help it remain superior in speed.

A realy obvios one, i gave it swap in defence

Both of it’s components have a swap in it deserves something too

2. Alloraptor



Allosaurus gen 2: epic, event execlusive

Delta: rare, local 3 anytime

Balancing: balanced

Alloraptor is extremly powerfull in most 1v1 situations, as long as it does not get 1 shoted it’s not too bad even against the cunnings that are suposed to counter it

However it’s low hp and vulnerability to swap ins is what IMO balances it out

So overall this is a very well balanced legendary

1. Acrocanthops



Acrocanthosaurus: epic, local 3 day, dawn, dusk

Arctops: rare, event exclusive

Just wanted to mention that allo would have originaly been number 1 but then i took a look at all the weekly events since the new year and allo g2 actualy had more darting attempts then arctops

(But both are realy close either way)

Balancing: balanced/minor resistsnce change

I used to think that this would be a buff, but then i saw people talking about how strong this thing can actualy be when boosted and looking at it i can see why

However as i mentioned with indom theres 2 things i’d change

download (31)

First i lowerd the bleed resist. To 25% but i got it’s stun resistance to 100%

So this concludes this ridicilusly long post

Due to the actual length there was quite a few things had to be just left out

But anyway if somone actualy came to the end, theres only one thing i can say and thats, have a very nice day


Very awesome post! I’ll be honest, didn’t read all the reworks but I generally agree with the basis of what you were saying about “exclusivity” balancing. Although I do think early game players should be able to unlock some fairly good creatures early on, I still like the premise of this. Awesome article.

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Again as i said in the post, nothing should be striaght up useless

I do slightly agree that maybe in every rarity they could have a fairly easy to make creature thats clearly quite a bit stronger then it generaly should be, but defenetly not by much

Thats pretty much indom RN for legendarys

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Wow with posts as long and detailed as this I’m surprised you have any time to actually play the game at all!

But I like your reasoning, logic and reworks.

Well done :100:

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Great post, admire your dedication on the reworking, make another thread for legendary superhybrids! and have a look at this (legendary) superhybrids deserve to be better than hybrids

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Grylenken does need a rework but not what you suggested, not to be rude. I am someone who uses Grylenken everyday and I love her as she is my favorite creature in the game atm. I used to think that she should get sidestep over evasive stance but over time I came to realise it is better. I do think she needs a DS move from her grypo counter part and gain BACK her speed decrease immunity she had when first released and on turn one she has to either for for a 1x attack or ES. I would prefer if she had gotten a different move than RaR bc I usually I get hit with decel and cant do much, or if I do use RaR I swap into something and it dies or something bad happens. And I have always thought indo gen 2 should get either Cunning Rampage or Distracting Rampage

I came to the end, so you too have an AMAZING day
Anyways, I agree with most of these
Alanky and Koolabourgina: I don’t think the group invincibility will help them too much with raids if thats what you’re trying to do with it, geminititan seems like a much better user of it.
Dodocevia: I think its good because its rampage and run thing(I forgot what its called) is disabled when threatened.
Spinonyx: I think its okay and doesn’t need a buff or nerf

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Did I missed out on Tryo? I’m in favor of her previous kit i.e. DSS, FS, RTC, and DSR. As of now, she is great for Raids but not so for Arenas. I’ve been using her as a 2nd Dino previously in the Arenas as a finisher.

Otherwise agree with most. Except the Rat. At the first place the the SIA shouldn’t be a rending attack. Should only be a normal strike.

I can still accept getting hit by Magnus (An Apex class) SIA than those pests i.e. the Legendary and Unique Rats to be honest. To me it’s just a cheap strat used by many.

Sorry for the late reply, but yeah i’ve already looked at it

Maybe next month i’ll be doing a completly seperate one, but then again i’m gonna try to do it before 2.8 cause other wise i’m gonna want to update this over doing that one for sure

So yeah i’ll be doing this one maybe next month, cause certain high end legendary s-hybrids should imo be almost as endgame viable as uniques

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For alanky and koolabaour i was talking about boosting them in legendary raids mainly, but somone would come up with a carry strat for magnus for sure with that

For dodocevia i checked it’s kit i think it’s gonna be all but bad, again i’m halfway thinking about a nerf for that thing, but i’m not gonna jump to conclusions too fast. Tho it might be as the current legendary group hiters are kinda awfull

For nonyx, i just think PR makes 0 scense, both looking at it’s components and just as a kinda useless move in it’s kit
I myself am simply on the side of giving it a slight buff, but i think that saying it’s fine is a very valid argument as well

I spesificly thought of giving it a shatering move only to realise that makes it a cunning fierce

Is that bad in it self? No

The problem is we currently have just so many cunning fierce, so i think it just makes scense to keep her as a cunning

So thats why i’m kinda against decel. Immunity and a shatering move

Then for ES and side step. For me having ES and a basic distracting move on top of an and run ability is just the most annoyting thing ever
And again when i redesigned it as an anti-cunning cunning, i thought that sidestep would come in helpfull as a speed up

Honestly, I would much rather have the dual rampages on a Spinonyx than RTC and DR. It has 4x damage over 2 turns instead of 3x, plus DR sucks. It’s (usually) a worse DSR. So by not having that PR, it really kills Spino’s viability in raids and PvP. Instead of having another rampage at the ready, you either have LW or MRA. Both of with can be easily resisted or with bleed a creature could be immune to. I just don’t see RTC really helping out. Maybe some kind of counter attack that boosts damage by 25% for everyone, but leave its Moveset as is. If you want to change something, change either it’s health, damage, or Crit Chance.

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