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The Exit Battle Cheat


It doesn’t work anymore - its been fixed.

I’ve only just got the hang of it too.

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This is bad news for those with insane PvE. I really hope they make PvE more accessible for high level players. All they did was level up their dinos. That’s no crime.
I now need to be more careful than ever when i level my own dinos. Don’t want to lose the events. They’re my main source of getting resources. And they’re great fun.


this will make things a bit more interesting for those of us with some high level PVE.


Dang, I never even got to try it! I do wonder though if fixing this is what caused the other bug I’ve mentioned that causes the game to boot you if the game server doesn’t respond on its turn in time.


Interesting or impossible, I have not yet decided. If the difficulty of events stay as hard as it used to be I must begin to sell a lot of the strongest animals of my team.
Do you have level 20 Indoraptors and are you able to survive events? My level 30 Indoraptor makes them very hard, nearly impossible. I used the cheat from time to time when I was very frustrated and because I think that the calculation they use for opponents strength is really unfair.
I’m afraid that in the end I must sell my level 40 Metriaphodon, Cerazinosaurus, Segnosuchus, Erliphosaurus and Gorgosuchus as well. If I have to sell more I will start questioning if there is any sense to continue. In that case I would have to build up hybrids again from scratch but must keep in mind never to evolve them beyond a certain level, maybe 20. But in this case, why do they exist?
It makes me wondering what the general purpose of those hybrids is, making the game impossible for those who would like to see how they look like strong?
That is going to make my heart bleed.


My highest is a level 20 Indoraptor, I only have one of them and then 4 level 10s. then it is a level 30 Gorgosuchus and level 20 Tournament Hybrids after that . if you look at my post on ferocity I put a scale in with each of those creatures listed and where they fall. I am waiting to create level 30 of the tournament hybrids which will surpass the level 10 Indoraptor, the part I need to keep an eye on are the cool downs. once you go past level 20 most of them turn into more than a day cool down which means you need multiple of them if you are planing on doing more than one event a day. I have started to use the glitch less and less over the last few weeks, as my bench has gotten deeper and deeper. A lot of the battles I am able to win with only two strong creatures and one throw away depending on the battle.


You are not the only one with the booting problem, I got booted from 3 straight standard PvP battles in a row.

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Wow! At least I haven’t hit it quite that often, but glad to have it confirmed by others. It did seem to be even worse today though, I’m thinking the game server probably is getting hit more than usual with a lot of people trying out the new Mods, so timing out more than usual (it definitely doesn’t normally time out this often).


I think that finally I must do it. Do you think if there is an immediate effect on the lineup of my opponent if I start to sell my strongest dinos? Meaning, if there is an impossible battle for me, as below, do you think the lineup will change the moment I start to sell?


Lvl 78 tournament hybrid? Game’s officialy on drugs. And good ones at that.


No it will not change instantly, I forgot who did the actual sell of there top two creatures but it took a bit (I think a couple of days) for their current fights to clear off and then it reset for them.

@Tommi if you decide to sell can you post a before and after picture of your top line up you sell from?


Here is the thread…

@KenO is who sold off his top creature


Here it is, I am already crying. Depending on your calculation my strongest VIP has a ferocity of roundabout 9500. The next one Rajastega has about 11000.
I’m afraid everything that is stronger than my VIPs is questionable, because I levelled most of them to 40.
I will let you know if and when I will do the brain surgery.
If it’s not too much work for you I would appreciate a suggestion what you would do.


That’s what 3 years of solid game play looks like. :trophy::clap:
Such a pity that Ludia is punishing you for doing well.
You have confirmed my fears: level 40 VIP dinos becoming useless for top battles once stronger hybrids overtake.
Sionsith will provide the proper analysis for you, but I think a level 20 indoraptor is a reasonable cap for top dino. That’s what i have, and battles have become manageable once I closed the gap with the rest.
In your case, I don’t know if you need to completely gut all of your top dinos, but obviously, indoraptor 30 needs to go (is it sin to be strong?)
Maybe sell off one at a time, then wait a few days, see if things improve.


The only time I would use it was during unlock battles where the AI levels are ramped up to insane levels.

Basically, you now need to just keep blowing dinobux on CD bypasses or build up a roster of expendable dinos.

I have the latter, and now any difficult battles take 3x longer or more.

There was 0 reason to remove this cheese.


Thanks for the sympathies @DinoStan. If @Sionsith is right I am afraid that I have to get rid of anything above Idominus Rex. Priotrodon has a ferocity of 14000 which is far beyond the strongest VIP, Gorgosuchus 16000, I don’t think I can keep them.
I am looking forward to begin from scratch…Waaaaaaaaah.


Well, at least Ludia has stopped rewarding cheats, so that’s a positive.


Making the lineup of opponents more balanced in return would have been great and only fair.
When I started playing I thought the main purpose of this game is to collect and evolve as many dinos as possible, now it is all about fighting.
Furthermore punishing those players who do collect and evolve is really sick.


Could you be better just sitting out the PVE’s until you can create some multiples up to a higher ferocity? Some of the PvE’s are easy, like the rare / common only

what would be the time difference in doing that vs time creating multiples to Indominus?

and you dont need to unlock much I imagine so the clash of the titans etc are less important - you’re going to have to make some multiples up to Indominus anyway.

Urgh - how rubbish, I feel your pain, it will definitely take you a lot of time to create a full set of teams whatever you decide


Tommi, that’s what I presumed too early on. For instance, I had already created my indominus Rex when the mission task asked me for level 40 t-Rex and velociraptor. Later, I simply ignored those missions and did whatever I wanted. Thought like you that getting the next stronger dino would make battles easier, but no. (I’ll admit, discovering and watching hacker videos online helped me realize that: level 999 indoraptor would draw opponents with stats of many digits.) Graphics in this game are nice, so I am starting to consider emptying out the island (to storage, that is) and redesigning my placements to make everything look nice. The retired player’s game, perhaps. :nerd_face: