The Exit Battle Cheat

Right, too late. I think it would have been possible. I should change my name from Tommi to stupid fool. Lvl 40 Segnosuchus, Metriaphodon and lvl 30 Indoraptor could have finished the job.

Hopefully, it will reset before too long


Might have to contact Ludia for reset.

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I like @Tommi more than @StupidFool. It sounds better. Besides, overlooking one (or even two or three) things doesn’t make you stupid. I paid a lot of money to hear this from a therapist, so I’ll give it to you and others for free: don’t move from specific actions to generalizations (I lost my keys, so I’m an idiot). It’s not true. (I lost my keys, so I made a mistake). Just a touch-point with me as a survivor of self-hate.

And back to the thread-at-hand:

So what happens now when you close the game during a PvE battle (or, more likely, when you get a phone call during PvE that cuts off your battle)? You just lose the battle and your dinosaurs go into cool-down mode, like in PvP? Bummer if so!


I think I will not risk to ask them for any kind of reset. Don’t know what they are going to reset if there is a kind of misunderstanding.


@Tommi, I know you like battles, but I’ve found the infinite mode battle rewards insulting given how tough opponents are. You pretty much need to bring your very top dinos to have a chance. Then they pity you with a free cheeseburger. Sometimes they’ll throw in small fries or a drink ( no refills allowed). Enjoy your tournaments. At least opposing dinos are realistic, since we’re supposed to be playing each other.
@Han, after getting interrupted a few times by calls, I unsynched my iPad from my phone. But then again, I don’t have Jabba, Greedo and the entire intergalactic mafia looking all over for me, so, that’s that. :sunglasses:


I had to do that too - thought it was best after I nearly asked for a divorce when husband called me unnecessarily just as I won a tough battle but the call disconnected me. Im still smarting.


That’s why I use a tablet, no sim card and a great relief.


If you used a droid, it wouldn’t automatically disconnect you

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Wow. I have friends who do marital counseling. They might find this helpful in helping others. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


My top Dinos are the Level 40 Pachygalosaurus, Level 40 Yudon, and Level 30 Indoraptor. Beyond that, I have a Level 40 of just about everything in the game with the exception of 6 creatures (Almost there with the other 2 S-DNA creatures, the Indricoceros, and the Mammotherium; plus I’ve still got to unlock the new Aquatic hybrid (when it becomes available) and the Panochthus.)

And TBH, I’ve been insulted by the matching system in this game for years… That said I’m not ever going to throttle myself by limiting myself to lower level creatures just to lower the competition on the battles.

Simple solution for me- I just don’t complete battles that have too high of level creatures. I do hold out some hope that Ludia may one day fix this issue, but completion to me means maxed out dinos, not completing every battle (Well, plus completing every story mission- which I did years ago).

Also on topic, OP- I never considered closing a battle to be, “cheating.” It was a feature of the game. Ludia has just updated the game to keep players from taking taking advantage of this feature, but it was never a “cheat,” IMO. It was definitely cheesy, maybe you could’ve even called it an “exploit,” at most, but it was built into the game and it was something that anyone could do so it was completely fair the way it was before… But that said, I do understand why Ludia would want to patch that out.

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Your level 30 Indoraptor is above your level 40 Yudon and Pachygalosaurus?

If so can you please screen shot your top level creatures from your Jurassic series, for data purposes?

No, it would appear not… My mistake

No worries it just made me question some of the information I developed and made me nervous about needing to re work some assumptions I had made about some higher level creatures. Thank you for confirming it for me.


Makes sense… Glad to be of some assistance then, I suppose.

I definitely feel that Ludia could do better by the fans with regards to matchmaking. I still remember way back when creatures you faced could only be up to a Level 40. True, facing the same couple of creatures could get somewhat repetitive but if you ask me- Give me 1) repetitive and beatable over 2) unique but insanely difficult any day of the week. I always thought that someone in Ludia would eventually balance things out in this regard, but I guess not…

Under these current conditions, I plan to be capping myself to 2x Level 30 Indoraptors versus completing my collection of every creature being maxed out, which I’m incredibly dissatisfied with. I think Ludia can and should do better by the fans with matchmaking.

The level 40 Indoraptor is just ahead of the level 40 Pachy. The De-Mystifying of Ferocity... Hopefully :) But yes it will make your battles slightly harder than they are already.

Good news…for me.
I managed with a lot of luck to succeed my nearly impossible infinite mode battle.
I used my lvl 40 Indominus Rex as canon fodder and to build up reserves, my lvl 40 Ostaposaurus to finish his carnivore and at least the lvl 40 Monostegotops for his two flying monsters. I was very suprised that it worked, but he behaved in just the only manner that guaranteed my triumph.
I am very curious if this mode will now be adjusted to my new ferocity. I’m going to tell you in 24 hours.


Congrats. You will know the answer in 24 hours. But seems like you can handle things even if it’s still this bad.


As promised my update. It has adjusted, still hard but manageable for my lineup.