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The extinction of the velociraptor!

Is it me or have all the velociprators just kind of poofed? The last one I saw in the wild was about 2 weeks ago

Harder to find when the weekly ‘hybrid’ spawn dino is a common. On top of that, the daily commons seem to overwhelm the map. They do need to even it out a bit. I was out on a Friday looking for stuff and the amount of Iguanodon on the map was ridiculous.


they’ve likely run away scared, as nearly everything is faster than them now.

run away slowly, too.


Plus the fact that, at least on the northern hemisphere, the sun sets really late now and it won’t even pop up at all before 10pm. I suggest focusing your alliance request on velo, before they notice they are running out :slight_smile:

I see them all the time

Words so this is posted haha

I see them all the time have over 40k DNA

Hulk snapped the Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet…a week later half the population of raptors disappeared…coincidence? I think not.

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I’ve seen a few Velociraptor tonight but their numbers are reduced of late from what they have been

I run in to the velociraptor daily but then only spawn when the map turns dark because its night… ingame offcourse

Very much the opposite for me. find multiple no matter when
Have a look at this

This was in the space of 10 mins. Find way more as the day goes on. Night, day I don’t think that hey care

They do hang around bus stations and stuff, maybe that’s why.

There isn’t a bus station where I am

That’s so weird! I haven’t seen one during daytime for months.

See them all the time. Best place for them is train stations and along train lines but obviously don’t go on the train lines cos … Well you know

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I didn’t notice raptors disappearing? They still spawn frequently at night.

What was there at that location?

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Well, I was on a bus… at school, on a road… no transit stations, about 8am haha. The school lay-by might be classed as a transit station, but I see velo everywhere normally.

(UK, England btw. Come here and you might see a few!)

On my way!

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