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The Fangs of China is recruiting active players to join our friendly group

We are recruiting to replace inactive players,
We have level 10 sanctuaries,
Rank 8/7 defense and exploration incubators
Apex raids except mortem
Active tournament participants.
Well organised discord server for raids, green cash and friendly banter

Come and join our friendly team, I’m sure you will fit in and i look forward to raiding with you.
Happy Hunting


Screenshot_2021-03-14-13-46-22-734_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2021-03-14-13-46-37-138_com.ludia.jw2

We had to remove 10 players who had been on zero battle rank for over one month so we have multiple spaces available :relaxed:

Always happy to help out newer players too :+1::+1:

We ask that you have at least 500 trophies but it’s not a strict requirement , providing you are active and plan to battle daily

Can your Alliance do all the apexex raids…

Hello, I am interested to join to this clan
I am level 14 active player
Over 3500 trophies
Always do 10 takedowns in tournament
I will help with weekly missions
My discord: Piotr#1096

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Not all of them as an alliance but I have many friends that will fill any required spaces for the raids so we still get them done.

I added you on discord

Can I join ur Alliance

Im not able to find u on discord …