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The Fangs of China is seeking active players

Hello all, The Fangs of China is a new but very active alliance. we’ve currently got 49/50 members ranging from 4850 to 200 battle rank but the leader is about to remove 12 people who no longer play.

We have a discord server for organising raid strategies, our weekly average for alliance incubators is 7 on defense and 8 on exploration… The leader is very friendly and helpful. And finds ways to help us defeat the hard raids, we average 2 level 8 sanctuaries. We could do better with a little more organising but considering that’s just through random use it’s not bad.

We’re aiming for players around 2k battle rank and upwards but we will accept lower rank providing that you remain active when you can.

We hope you consider us and we look forward to having you in our ranks.

Kind Regards
Cloud Serpent

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5 available spaces, discord is not a requirement but if you have it it’s a bonus as we coordinate our tougher raids on their

We have tuoras, dentists, Thor’s, tryos and gemtitans but we’re missing a solid tenrex

Still 5 spaces available

May I ask what your discord is @Cloud_Serpent or @Mscchina8 might be able to help your alliance :upside_down_face:

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Cloud Serpent#4202

That’s my discord

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