The final arena

This arena is absolutely insane, get a cleric with epic heal skill that does at minimum 2.1k, that alone destroys me, if I’m lucky, I can win 1 fight in arena 7, after that I get romped till I get bumped down to 6 then hit 7 again just to get rolled to 6, quite a viscous cycle

That is where I am as well. I can will about 4 of five times at arena 6 but I get slaughtered at 7. At 7 it seems to depend on equipment more than level and I don’t have enough legendary equipment.

The arena is nothing more than an rng joke for people who dump ungodly amounts of money into the game. Don’t lose any sleep over it.

If the one hit party wipes and losing due to simply being out geared weren’t enough, arena is very buggy. Initiative resets randomly for characters about to take a turn making strategies almost impossible and the game crashes in the middle of fights. The list goes on.

Arena rating means nothing more than how much money an individual has spent relative to everyone else.

That being said, if none of that bothers you then by all means, go for it! edited for the snowflakes

I’m not gonna lie, I only have the subscription because the gold is nice and the once in awhile a fat chest, I’ve only bought the 4.50 package for gems like 4 times, I think I’m doing pretty good for next to minimal spending

Fair enough! Everyone has a different level of contentment.

I bounce between 2000 and 2300 points. I can lose 6 in a row as easily as win 6. Mostly just luck and when specials kick in. Massively frustrating to lose by luck. I just hope to get one of the better chests if I end up in tier 7.

Unless it’s the very best one it’s not that good. Even the second best are disappointing.

Yeah only the glorious chest has anything you actually need.

Yeah, don’t know how the second best one doesn’t even have at least 1 guaranteed epic