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The final showdown event

The event says raptor super rare 1x.

Does that mean all super rare too?

It is two battles, but lasts 3 days?

Is this going to be a super hard event?

It probably means you have to have one Velociraptor (either Gen 1 or Gen 2) in your battle lineup. I’m guessing it’ll be against a T-rex to nod to the final fight of Jurassic Park. The second battle might be the reverse, where you have to have a T-rex to take out two or three Velociraptors.

Yes, it appears to be two battles with 48 hours to complete.

As for how hard it’ll be, it probably depends on the level of your dinosaurs. If you have a level 10 Velociraptor and nothing better, it might be tough. If you have numerous level 40s of Velociraptor and T-rexes, it might be easier. To quote Henry Jones, Sr., in The Last Crusade, I don’t know. We’ll find out!