The final straw


Just fusing DNA for spinotahraptor in my new game.


You read that right. A NEGATIVE FUSE. I went from 34 to 20!! Quit and restarted just to see what would happen. Went in and checked - still at 20. I mean, the number popped up like the 10’s and 20’s do, but it said -14, and sure enough, my DNA amount went down.

I mean seriously? The idea of this game is great, don’t get me wrong, but the execution is just terrible from top to bottom.

I no longer have any words to describe the horribleness that is this game. Well, maybe one more… pathetic.


Oh noooo… now THAT is messed up… sorry man. I would be so angry :rage:


Why didn’t you record a video? Coz’ it is really hard to trust in what you’re saying! :man_shrugging: You seems to be the only one with that problem!


@Lian I’ve read of it happening to one or two others as well. And hard to record a video of something you weren’t expecting to happen.


Oh man! I hope they will find out and fix the problem! :grimacing:


U talk like Morty. :joy:


It’s probably some server-client miscommunication issue. For whatever reason the client thought you had 24 DNA more than you actually had, and when you fused a 10 the info updated.

Did you recently dart a spinotahraptor or in some other way acquire uneven DNA for it?


I have experienced 2 fusing glitches and frankly, Ludia cannot help those who have similar experiences to ‘right the wrong.’

First time was when I was fusing IndoRex and it took 100 TRex DNA instead of 50.

Second was fusing Megalosuchus, indicator showed 20 DNA but the DNA count didn’t go up.



Thank God Captain Hindsight came to rescue!


Yeah, the only DNA I had was from finding one and darting it. This was the first fuse for it.


Wait, so you spent money to fuse dna for a hybrid, and it took AWAY previous DNA?!?! Are you serious?!?!


Ok, I figured it out. It’s still kind of a glitch, but not as bad as I thought. I have 2 games, my first one, and I started a new one when they introduced the pterosaurs. The games are kind of mixed up when you switch from one to another, so my original game spinotahraptor had 34 dna - which showed up on my new game. When I fused on the new game it must have been a 20, so it subtracted the extra 14 that was showing up from the original game. Still glitchy, since the 2 games can be a bit mashed up, but like I said, not as bad as I thought.


Not as bad but still pretty bad though :scream: