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The finest lvl 40 of each rarity

before starting this thread, i wanted to say that if you don’t like one of his lvl 40, put in the comments the one you prefer.

I love its large blue sail slightly tinted with red.

Hybrid common.
this hybrids, I find it magnificent, from lvl 1 to 40.

Diplodocus :sauropod:
blue and red are so beautiful together.

Hybrid rare.
it looks like an aquatic dragon.

Super rare.
to me this is the most beautiful lvl 40 from JWTG, it looks like a magnificent Aurora Borealis.

Hybrid super rare.
the neon orange horns are beautiful.

Prionosuchus and dimetrodon
despite the little varied color, blue and yellow is enough to make it beautiful, dimetrodon is also beautiful.

Hybrid legendary.
Ostaposaurus and indominus rex
indo and overly stylish with its stripes similar to red lightning, and ostaposaurus is multicolored.

Legendary tournament.
Segnosaur,ceratosaurus and troodon
the segnosaurus looks like a parrot, it is also beautiful from lvl 1 to 40 and the other two are just beautiful

Hybrid legendary tournament

Concavenator and baryonyx.
baryonyx looks like crystal and concavenator looks like a Tiki mask.

Tricératops gen2 and parasoaurolophus Gen 2
the triceratops also looks like a Tiki mask and parasaurolophus shines.


I love Tanyco and Acrocantho.

Okay @Therizino2.0 ,acro and tany is very beautiful.

Indominus rex gen 2 is the best looking legendary hybrid for me.

Favorite tournament designs to me. Love the blue in Mosasaurus and Acanthostega, and I enjoy the sleak and simplistic designs, nothing too drastic at lvl 40. Megalosaurus gets the added bonus of being a nostalgic OG. I don’t really like the Gen 2s but Spino and Para look great and unique.

mosasaurus 40 acanthostega

download - 2021-04-07T105221.030
download - 2021-04-07T105647.654

Acanthostega is my most beautiful dinosaur

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Does someone else think that Ostapo looks like it just finished laughing instead of looking defeated? Man, this hybrid’s sadistic


I love Gen2 Indom!!


I can see now that you clearly prefer colorful dinos with spikes on their back! :smiley:


I would prefer raptors and ones that have feathers the most :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks cool but I prefer indoraptor gen 2 more than indominus gen 2.

I love feathery dinosaurs, with their metallic feathers like JWA’s magnificent struthiomimus, cyan blue segnosaurus, emerald erlikosaur, ruby ​​red troodon, sapphire yutyranus … such beautiful plumage

Some other rares you may enjoy:

Ophicadon: Looks like a 90’s rockstar just after the first time tasting Blueberry Kool-Aid.

Monolophasaurus (sorry if I don’t spell right): looks like a Raptor that got some gushers candy Filling on Him.

Nundasuchus: A perfect Red and blue classic color mix.

Dilophosaurus (And Allosaurus): a Beatiful Green, red, yellow tropical Mix along with some spikes on the back. It helps the dilophosaurus Really Mix in with its Habitiat, And makes Allo Look like a “Diffrent” Dragon. (Get it cuz Allo means Different)

Galimimus: Blue and yellow, These colors are on my pallet.

Super rares:

Kaprosuchus: Some epic spikes to Impale Fish, Stripes looking like paint Dripping down, And a bright green Color. Beatiful.

Rajasaurus: Looks like the T. rex, With golden spikes, but the only difference is that Beatiful Blue and white and a different Head shape.

Velociraptor: A Beatiful red Crest, Black stripes, And a dark green Color. Bonus: Those wrinkles On that Maroon crest Make it look like one of my old toys.

Spinosaurus: It has a Beatiful Blue color To mix in the waters while hunting, A red spikey head, Amd black stripes.

Spinoraptor: We have been talking about tropical colors and all, but this one makes it the top one on the list. With green, Blue, yellow and red, and a Dodo like Head, It deserves to be here on Mount Tropical.