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The first ceramagnus was spotted!

Not mine. From the JWA discord. Only a picture of the team.


nice! can’t wait to see it

Welp, time to HP boost Mortem

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I don’t think it’ll help too much; better off trying to kill it if it swaps in (it’s gonna be busted for sure)

Update, from PraiseBigBoy (not his)


Not surprised.

At least for the first few weeks it’s not going to be as much of a problem to deal with.

I should have mine next week. Too bad theres no boost reshuffle to properly boost it up

i saw it on facebook, its Lok Tank, same guy who unlocked mortem first. last i saw he was only around 5500 trophies.

Oh g*d. I foresee a T20 Attack Ceramagnus already

That’s one lucky player then. Kinda sus.