The First Jwa Draw Off

Welcome to the first jwa draw off

The rules are simple:

  1. Everyone who joins will have the first two Days to draw and enter something depending on the theme

  2. No stealing art

  3. No entering art that was made before the competition started

  4. Anyone can join the competition within the first 2 days

  5. Any entered art that is off topic or doesn’t fit the theme will be disqualified

  6. Any art enter after the first 2 days will not count

  7. You must dm me your forum name to enter, any art that belongs to someone who isn’t entered will not be counted

  8. Post your art in this topic when you’re done, you can make changes to the art within the first two days, but you can’t enter a whole new art piece to replace to old one

  9. On the third Day of the competition, me and one other person rated the art on a scale of 1 to 15, the two rating add up to make your score, person with highest score wins, if there a tie then a third person will be a tie breaker

Lasty, there will be sub categories for Photoshop and most loved by community

Now that done with, let talk about the fun stuff

The drawing ( and Photoshop) and entering portion was the competition begin Monday 12.00 am Eastern and end Tuesday 12:00 am Eastern
The judging portion start and end depends on the judges put it will be on Wednesday

The Theme Is JWA Halloween Loading Screen

Cause spooky

Message me on discord to enter

my discord is PestyPotato#2340

Hope to see cya

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Anyone want to join?

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