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The first rule of Bite Club

…is: You do not roar about Bite Club.

However, if we were to sing our own praises, we’d tell you we’re a friendly group of daily players. We hit t9 in the maxima championship and we generally get 10/8 or 10/9 in the weekly missions. We have three level 20 sanctuaries and vote on what goes into them using a simple emote-based voting system in our Discord.

We’ve had a couple of spots open up and are looking for people who will join our Discord, do their daily missions, at least get 10 takedowns in tournaments (extra battling is appreciated but not required!), and not drop anything into our level 20 sancts. Our only other rule is that if you’re going to be away for 5+ days, you let us know so we don’t boot you.

We’re pretty laid back compared to many other alliances with multiple level 20 sancts; we don’t require a certain number of battles per day or screenshots of your DNA donations. If joining a somewhat more laid back but fairly high-achieving alliance sounds good to you, let me know! You can post here, send me a PM here, or find me on Discord (Castal #0759).


Awesome insinuendo

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Found one member but we’ve got another spot to fill (and potentially more). Even if we look full, you can always send a message in case we have inactive members you could replace. :slight_smile:

It looks like Bite Club is going to be just shy of t9 in the orion championship; we could easily have hit t9 if a few of our low-activity members had done their takedowns each weekend. Therefore, I’ll be replacing a few people with more active members. If you’re looking for an active (but not super hardcore) alliance that has three level 20 sanctuaries and members who can help you through mortem raids, and if you will do your dailies, get your 10 takedowns in tournaments, and not drop anything into the level 20s, shoot me a message!

You do not roar about Bite Club. So we must close this thread because it is not allowed to roar about the B*** Club ah?