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The first Tournament of the New Era!

I checked the changes again and already prepared my team. Curious about which ones everybody will be using… I have to say, from my 8 selected creatures, 6 can remove evasion. And this was totally accidental! They just all happen to have a Resilient move. Kind of ridiculous, lol

Some thoughs: Giraffatitan will certainly still be a thing. As will Purro and Lion… And we’ll probably see a lot less of the dodgers Ornitho and Kelenken… Speaking of Ornitho. If the Indos are dead because of all the evasion removal, Ornitho is already buried and decomposed! Not only it can’t dodge but it can be slowed now, lol! And with only 2700 HP. The poor thing was dragged down with ProceRat :rofl:


Ornith was destroyed. Suchotator got a bit of a buff, so it’s good. Ankylocodon will be important along with lion. Purro broke even. Giraffe for me seems good, but testing is needed with purrolyth and suchotator

Ornitho got vaporised. Can now be slowed, and with Resilient removing dodge ánd distraction there’s literally nothing he can do against Resilient creatures. Gonna be interesting for sure.

Can’t wait to experiment. and since Dilo is a great Raid healer the tournament/ championship rewards are kind of worth it.

Not to mention the fact that dilo is now exclusive

Man, Giraff is so OP now… Dracorex is a bit too strong (tha hell were they thinking, giving it 4800 HP? lol). Purro is also better with that slight buff to its counter and now healing 3k HP when the damage is buffed.

Purro is probably the best in the tournament. Kills chompers

So does Dracorex, lol

Haven’t had a problem with Giraff, but that’s because all times I’ve faced against them I’ve had Sucho.

Purro is the stand out though. 3kHP is practically a full health recover, so if you can’t KO it quick enough… Dracorex is also a sneaky little thing with the swap in also slowing the opponent down.

Giraff is practically immune to stun and swap prevention (75%) and the 100% against decel makes a bigger difference than I thought it would.

Btw, you can beat a full health Ornitho (if it doesn’t swap out) by immediately sending Draco, lol

I’m using erliko g2, dracorex, marsupial lion, sucho, purro, delta, dilo, and Dime

I’ve had my Giraffatitan stunned twice. Twice it was literally the only way left for my opponent to win. :frowning:

Takes some major getting used to. Personally I dislike how few armorpiercers now seem to be worth it. Elasmotherium is borderline impossible without a way to break shields/armor.

Elasmotherium is slow, but with so many creatures that can take on tanks like purrolyth, marsupial lion, and dime, it gets pretty easy. I have 4 on my team along with diplotator which can basically reduce it to nothing when set up

Happened to my Giraff too. Stunned once and pinned twice, all of which cost me the matches. I have to say I don’t like partial resistance to stun and swap prevention. For the other things it’s ok, cause you can predict and make strategies based on it. But swap and stun are sheer luck. We don’t need more of that in the game. Already have enough with dodges, crit rate and the stuns’ own percentage of working.

Despite of that, it was fun. Took a while to get used to the changes, but made my way to top50 x)

This was a fun tournament, there was a lot of variety. The only real staples were purrolyth, marsupial lion, dracorex, and eniasuchus as far as I know. And this was from a top 5 perspective

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Had a lot of fun when i could play. unfortunately i couldn’t on sunday, but i still managed to stay top 1K. changed the team around a decent bit.

My team changed a lot as well, but they all will for the next couple tournaments before the dust from 2.0 settles

I was in top 200 for the first time!