The Flight club hard chest does not contain the usual 75 trust points

Not enough that the event started again at a different time than announced. The Flight club hard chest does not contain the usual 75 trust points. I managed to meet 2 chests - the first time I got 10 trust points and the second 12 trust points …

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I have same problem opened 3 chests should have 225 but only received 47

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Same here. Did not get the 75 chest rewards.

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I have opened 3 FC duty chest so far and all give same as alpha chest tp between 10-20tp per chest. Support team is in holiday season so I don’t think they will fix anytime soon @John @Rose


Same problem over here. 11-16 tp per chest

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Another chest opened now, and only 17 trust points for it.

So actual situation is that I expected 225 trust points and got only 39…

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I hope they will fix ASAP and there will be a good compensation for lost TPs per each chest and stress!


Hello the same has happened to me on my first 3 chest and now on my 4th chest I received the full 75 pieces.
Hopefully we will be compensated for the lost pieces at the 10-20 rate I was worried I would barely get one copy of this dragon.

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Please Ludia don’t leave these loyal vikings in the dust for compensation, these dragons only come around once a year.


This is frustrating since the start of the event. with start of 0 trust point and with just 1 node, I have to manage all hard working to open chest in time during the event

Now it is messing up. Please fix it very soon. We have to arrange new planning.

And we all wait for proper compensation. I don’t how long this mistake will stay. 1 copy of New Year Stromfly as compensate, I dont know if it enough, just depends on how fast you guys fix it

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I get now 75 TP from chest but its still a pain that we have only one questline for this eventdragon.

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Hey Vikings, I’m sorry to hear that happened. If you haven’t already, please email our support team here at with your support key so our team can assist you.