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The following hybrids have secretly been buffed

Stigydaryx, Darwezopteryx and Koolabourgiana.

Basically, Instant Invincibility is now the same in PvP as Instant Invincibility Taunt. It wasn’t before because Ludia goofed up.

Swap-in Invincibility can also last for 2 attacks in some situations.


You heard about purolyth

It changed in the minor update?

In the week of the Update, I used Koolab in rare events and it really improved a lot!

Yep it’s heal if used with the ferocious boost will heal nearly all its health

That was already a thing once 2.0 dropped. Nothing changed on that front with the minor update.

That isn’t a secret. It was announced in the 2.0 release notes that healing would be based on attack values.