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The forum official Survey :Cautious strike

What is your clear oppinion of cautious strike…
Just curious to see if their survey is close to our

  • It need a Nerf
  • I don’t really care (low lvl/never saw)
  • It’s ok,keep it

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Well,atm it seem clear

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Just give Cautious Strike a cooldown and change either Mutual Fury to Distraction, or Evasive Stance to Evasive Strike as its new basic move.

Keep mf please. It doesn’t take a genius to use it and its 2 of indo 2’s most balanced moves


MF and ES themselves are balanced, but not the creature. Indoraptor Gen 2 already has 2 of the strongest moves (CS, DSR), it doesn’t need ES.

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I was talking about mf and dsr lol

Oopsie, thought you were talking about ES and MF.

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That was a big lie. Ludia really should be ashamed. We all know what majority of people think about that move.


well the results here speak about themselves…
2/3 think it need a nerf
1/6 think its good

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Voila!! That shows how pathetic ludia are :-1:


It doesn’t needs a nerf…

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The bigger is the lie, the more it goes

The real question is: Is cautious strike OP? There is only one good answer: Yes. No need to do surveys, Ludia wont care


mostly i did it to prove their survey is a joke,at least i would rather prefer a
“We are honest and we don’t care with your opinion people,we did a survey but we won’t take it in consideration because you annoy us”


Dont forget this from the end: “and we should start thinking how to balance this thing, but we are too lazy to think.

Everyone talks about indoG2 norb and not about the update in general. They did almost nothing during the last two months, this update has so little new content in it. Only 2 new dinos and only one new unique and no real new game mechanics, it shows that Ludia doesnt work hard to enhance the game. I think this is why they dont change the CS, as they changed hardly any other dinos’ stats or abilities. They simply dont want to work on this game.

I don’t think that their reason for not nerfing now is because of the survey results, it’s because they want to wait and see how indo gen2 performs in this new meta to know for sure If It still needs a nerf and how much. A lot of matchup relationships will change.

Wow congrats ludia your even more incompetent then I was when I was 2 are you proud yet

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In the end,im slightly surprised there is much more people thinking this mistake is normal .
I would think it would end in a 10% vote…
If almost 1/4 of the voters think cautious strike is perfectly fine then i guess the population on the forum don’t understand how to balance a game or simply don’t care.
In the end,its perfectly natural the game became crap

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Also while everyone is here if you haven’t voted pls vote at Save thylacotor

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