The free cash offers WORK


In case you were wondering, those deals really work for free in game cash. I just completed the Final Fantasy one getting to 100k power in that game and got a free mountain of cash in JWA. Took a couple weeks to do it, but totally worth it! The mountain of cash is $99.99 in the game store. Got it free just playing another game. Lol. It also gives you smaller cash amounts at 5k and 10k power if I remember correctly. I also did the dollar shave club offer and got cash, because I need razors anyways so why not?


I did more than 25 free offers during this tournament and got thousands of in-game cash from it. I also did a lot of them during the double rewards they had recently, so it was definitely worth the effort.


Wow, you went all out. That’s the way to do it! I’m gonna do more, haha.


Yeah I took it to the extreme when the game was making me mad. I figured I had extra time for other games while not playing as much JWA. And it paid off greatly.


Same here but some of those games are a chore to play just to get cash


Some of them annoyed me for multiple days but if you just chip away at it here and there, it’ll get done. Slot machine apps can be done with auto spin and barely take any effort. I started with the easy offers and then wanted more cash, so I had to actually play some of them for a few days but it was worth it in the end.


I know and agree just saying some of the games for free cash are terrible games as soon as I had my cash they were deleted