The free reward for watching an ad video doesn't work

The free reward for watching an ad video has stopped working.
After 8 hours, the icon is green, the video will play, but at the end, error number 514 will appear and no reward will come.
The icon turns gray and the countdown for another 8 hours is running. It has happened to me 3 times in a row for now.

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Exactly the same thing is happening to me

Same with me , I wrote to support, no sound

Auch bei mir das gleiche.
Es kommt immer der gleiche Fehlercode und keine Belohnung.
Der Timer beginnt dann wieder von vorne :frowning:

The same for me too.
The same error code always comes up and no reward.
The timer then starts all over again. :frowning:

Hey Vikings, our team is currently working on addressing this issue.

Hey everyone, the issue should have been resolved now. Could you please let me know if you had received your reward?


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Danke Ned es funktioniert wieder :wink:

Thanks Ned it works again :wink:

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