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The Fugly Twins

Any others that need to wear a paperbag?

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Honestly, I think Diplotator is pretty ugly. But that’s actually why I like her. I think she’s a good kind of ugly! :grin:

Her she is in JWTG!!!

I think Ludia did a much better job on her in JWA.


That’s seriously bad in JWTG!


Yeah, she’s definitely more ugly in JWTG. lol But I still love her because of it! :grin:

Ok, the word in the title got autocorrected when I used it in this post, but I’m just gonna take it as a sign to NOT test the sensors and see what I can get away with! :joy:

Does anyone remember the original design for suchomimus? It was way cooler looking than this:

It looks like it’s hung-over/puffy-eyed from crying all night about being so fugly.

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Yeah this one :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Im going to over use this…



Sigh :unamused:

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Still love this. I’m totally not gonna turn to the dark side… I mean, uh… Down with Dracoceratops!

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I think Diplotator looks exquisite.


I’m not saying it’s a bad design by any means. I love her design. It’s way worse in JWTG, though. Still love that one too, but JWTG understandably has lower quality models.

In my opinion, ugly designs can be down really well, and Diplotator is a prime example of this in both games. Ugly doesn’t necessarily have to mean bad.

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Can I see that again?


Please don’t buff it for that!

Diplotator is pretty to me. Im jwa. It’s one of my favorite Dino’s and head on it looks evil.