The fun is gone


Hi all,

Love to hear your opinion about the following.

For me right now the fun is gone. While i’m a very decent team (Indominus rex lvl 20, stegedeus lvl 19, tragodist lvl 17, pyritator lvl 17, monostegotops lvl 17, stegoceratops lvl 20, postimetrodon lvl 18 and gorgosuchus lvl 19) I can’t get past the 3750 trophies. I’m constantly matched against players with higher level dino’s. No, I’m nog complaining about that, because during weekdays I hardly have the time to play the game. So that’s no issue for me, I tried to compensate with a VIP subscription for a couple of months, but that didn’t do the trick.

My biggest concern is that the difference between players are getting bigger and bigger and that casual players have no chance anymore in for example this tournament.

Fighting is a to big part of this game especially since I always encounter the same dino’s. So i don’t have a fighting chance against other players and hunting for dino’s is boring, since they are always the same.

Wouldn’t it be better to rotate the spawn locations more often and setup a pvp system where players fight against similar level players, based on the average strenght of their teams?