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The future of boss raids

With the recent removal of the mammoth boss i am kinda worried that once we have boss raids for all days and later one boss on the day of a current one i am kinda worried that apex creatures will be replaced as well once the weekly limit is bypassed

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I’m honestly hoping they start rotating epic, legendary and unique raids every week. And the with each update we could see more bosses added to the schedule

For apexes, i think they’ll start rotating them(defenetly not weekly tho), but they will need another way of obtaining them( maybe a code 19 similar to jwtg?).


I also thought that boss raids could contain a loot wheel where we can win raid boss dna

Im curious as to if we eventually will fuse for apexes. They certainly have set the ground for it as with non super hybrid dinos introduced.

I think apex will remain raid exclusive otherwise raid would be useless if apexes can be created like normal creatures

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Thats an interesting take but people want apexes to be treated like normal creatures. Its all over the forums, nerf this, nerf that. I personally don’t care, it is what it is. But we all know that Ludia will eventually cave and lux and magnus for example will be nerfed to be normal creatures.

I’m thinking that in the future we will be able to fuse apex creatures.

Para lux was the start of something new. A legends non hybrid.

This compy unique that just came out is also the start of something new. A unique hybrid that is not a super hybrid.

I am thinking in the future we will be able to mix these legendary non hybrids with unique hybrids to make a super hybrid apex.

Over the next year and months I’m sure we will see more and more of these 2 things and once we have enough I’m sure their ingredients will begin to add up to creature the apex bosses we have now.

That’s just my speculation anyway.

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  1. Just because uniques can now be made from 2 creatures doesn’t mean those will be fuseable as well
  2. As long as bosses will be added for raids there won’t be used for anything else
  3. It would take away their uniqueness and make raids useless if you can get them like normal hybrids
  4. It would also ruin the arena meta if anyone would be able to get apexes
  5. Even if we get hybrids for those kinds of uniques who knows they’re even be apexes. They could be a brand new rarity

now there are more apexes and there move sets for refrenantom we know, would it be fine if I post a potential strategy that works with the boss but would be adjusted to the minions when we know more about them

Uhm what??? Level 28 Compsocaulus??? Already???

people can’t fathom that others will spend all day (litterally) using scents to catch new creatures after an update drops? IDGT is not a hacker. He’s a very dedicted player. if anything he’s slacking a bit because it isnt lv 30 yet. and it’s not like its that much to make compared to other hybrid into hybrid creatures.

you were trying to name and shame (which isn’t allowed on the forums) a respected and dedicated player. They’re able to get out and hunt almost 24/7 for the newest stuff. so what? diplocalus g2 has been around for a long time so all of that dna is stockpiled. Only thing they had to hunt was compy. Throw in a boat load of epic scents and the time and resources to do it, there you go.