The future of JWA


hello forum people, I am new and it is my first publication, I come to propose my ideas I am a player of this game that was amazed and was able to spend money on this. Well I propose that the bots should be paired depending on the level of your dinosaurs take an average and place them, that there are tournaments in which you have easy to have coins, believe me that when users are happy spend money even if they have something to spare, I propose that in the game the map will be put at night when it is night, you can fight with your friends and every week you will be challenged and when you meet you can have an incubator or coins that is the most valuable game, create this game It shines like the stars, the people will arrive, it’s an excellent game that is worth playing, I play it every day and I love it, it has a future
ludia know that you want to make a profit, but you should improve this game and that the purpose, apart from the money, is competitive, its poster of the best players is excellent.


1) Play with friends.
This idea is fine as long as people DO NOT gain any currency, dna or items from fighting with friends.

2) Changing the map to show it’s night time.
I guess having it being nighttime in the real world isn’t good enough :wink: … but any visual change just depends on demand if the developers feel it’s worth the time and resource to have that done.

3) Challenges.
It’s a good idea and you never know if the developers are already working on something to expand passed the events that we already have.

Personally aside from making suggestions for future content, I just want to see Ludia continue the development of the software, so we can stop people from cheating and making improvement to the software to fix the random bugs and crashes that people experience on a daily basis.


Just want to add to the points above.

(1) Please reduce or even remove the coins cost to level up dinos. As of now, it is just too much. Especially if you consider those dinos at L15 and above.

For example, we need 15k coins + DNAs to level up a dino from L16 to L17, 30k coins + DNAs from L18 to L19 and 50k coins + DNAs to level up a dino from L20 to L21. It is already hard to get the DNAs itself. Why should it be made more difficult for players to level up with the coins cost?

(2) I’m not totally against bots created by Ludia to challenge players. But it serves no purpose if we level up our dinos just to learn that our opponents mons are far op than ours. Therefore the battle system need some major rework so that we players are pitted against quite similar opponents in terms of mon levels. Not badges collected.


I think the point developers are trying to make is f2p players should not be levelling up that fast, hence the coins limit and requirement.
Currently The bots help to control the number of Trophies players can achieve so there won’t be oversaturation of 5k trophy players. I do think it will improve once more players join.
As you can see, they still want to make money out of it, hence you see those p2w players up in the ranks with their legendaries and uniques