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The game becomes increasingly difficult for new players

Orange Incubator Events now with increased creatures, suggested level caps, and attack power requirement.

Ludia’s greed makes the game more and more about buying with real money, than being able to get resources in different ways, without the need to spend real money.
2 events that together gave 25,000 coins are practically impossible for new players.


They just released 3 insanely good rares over the week. I will say it was a bit sly for them to remove a day, but with this week and the potential for the “cute” themed week, this should really help new players


I got all my Arctops on Wednesday as it was forecast a rainy week so I wanted to get out on the day it was only cloudy. So between FIP’ing and help from others, I got this guy to team level.


Really when I started playing there where no event drops or strike towers and we needed batteries to use the drone and had to be standing next to the supply drops it’s easy mode now.
I started a alt account and got to 3000 trophys in under 2 weeks


I don’t see how its any more difficult for new players. Epic strike towers are not designed for newer players but are long term players with the right level dinosaurs.


Just because some aspects of the game are directed at older players doesn’t mean that there’s a problem. It’s only natural.


As a new player, all you need to focus on right now is darting, and doing the smaller incubators. Dart EVERYTHING you see on the weekday calendars, and find yourself a good alliance that does pretty well overall in the tournaments and alliance incubators. It’s the fastest possible way for you to grow without hacking the game (which is ill advised anyway).

Besides, wait til you get up to Library in the PvP, right around the Seasonal Reset. You have no idea what difficult in this game tastes like until you have to deal with every player from Gryosphere Depot and Nublar Shores being kicked down to Library and duking it out for weeks on end to get back up.


I disagree.

For us original game players it was much more difficult. In the beginning there were no:

Alliances for donations
Alliances for rewards
Alliances for help
Weekly events
Increased drone range
“Free” darts daily
Different drone settings

What else am I forgetting? It was much more difficult for players that started day 1 or in the first few months.


Remember there were so few supply stops in the beginning we actually have to buy darts.

Anyway, there has always been complains about something, I still remembered back in the early days there were level 5 players who complained epic strike towers were too difficult for them and claimed they had as much ‘right’ as a level 17 players to win the strike towers no matter what lol …


Honestly, with all the features we have today,… In one month, new players can become as strong as we older players did in half a year or so… This game still has many problems but I don’t think disregard for new players is one of them. The Epic Strikes were way more difficult before we had boosts (and I miss those days).


As people have already said, you noobs have it easy.


Lol, once upon a time if you saw an Epic five blocks away you’d better put your running shoes and go for it! It was a rare sight to see… Or an epic sight to see x)

Nowadays you can just go “Nah, I’ll catch it some other time”


Or the days when hybrids didn’t show up till arena 3 :dizzy_face:


These days the newbie has it easy… There weren’t even any sanctuaries. I didn’t even know what the FIP’s were for after my return. Plus, the championships speeds up your progress. I leveled up to 20 within 5 months thanks to gigascents and all that. And my alt has a full team of epics at level 6 while I only had some rares and a few epics at that point… It’s way easier for new players these days.


So my take on this thread is everyone is ok with current match making.

Because you can’t improve match making without increasing the player pool. And you can’t just create avairy and up level players out of thin air.

They have to be a into pvp enough to even care about it… and progress to a point they even have a chance in the upper arenas. And if the current population is any indication 2 years in we have less then 20k out of 260k players in library and beyond.

And those 20k players are spread out in three arenas… you can’t possibly ever hope match making will improve

The only way for match making to improve is for a larger % of the playerbase up the ladder faster then older players are leaving the game. But this thread shows the kind of backlash they would face if the changes it enough to make a difference.

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Just played a top 500. My 23 Indy almost took down the level 29 tryko. I could have killed it too if I went for cloak when it went for in Invincibility.

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That’s our match making everyone is happy with a top 500 player is being matched with someone with level 23 Dino’s?

Of course that has to do with the fact that only 15k players are currently in library or higher. Only a portion of those 15k players are online at the same time. Plus the tourney…

And we have match making that asks someone to give up 7 levels to find an opponent. How many trophies behind your opponent were you?

If Ludia doesn’t add Player numbers to library and up teams match making will get worse. Period.

Ludia has to try and balance the game so that it can have aspects that are for newbies and aspects for veterans.

Some strike towers are impossible for newbies. I could not win the recent Carbo tower on Friday. But there had been at least 3 times in the past where i did get the Fri epic tower. :grin: Tough but i did it with my level 20-21 dinos. All unboosted.

I also don’t qualify for the current Expert Recess Trial as i don’t have dino at the required level with 30% crit. I will get it in the future.

Similarly, veterans need to understand that just because a creature was featured in the past for you does not mean it should never be featured again. This is for new players. Example, the last month daily creature was Sino. Some veterans said “Sino again, so boring?” or something along those lines. But to newbies like myself, i was seeing Sino for like first time and it was great cos it creates lots of hybrids.

So not everything in the game revolves around you individually. Ludia has to strike a balance for all levels of players.

New players just need to keep levelling up and eventually we will be able to beat all those towers.



I keep pointing this out too. New creatures of the week, weekly rewards… etc, are fir various players not just the established players.


The flip side to that is sino is a coins and boost trap for new players… especially ones who don’t know just how bad some of the sino hybrids are right now.

That’s one area Ludia could work on… New players are the most at risk for balance changes. Nothing wrecks and team more then having to bench a bunch of your Dino’s. Looking at max right now and my experience sees a lot of boosted max in sorna when Ludia goes ahead and “balances” max eventually teams just loose what to some of those teams is their mvps… more established teams have 7 other strong Dino’s to soften the blow.

From a low level players perspective dumping all your boosts into your one unique isn’t just putting all your eggs into one basket. It’s boosting the only Dino you don’t intend to replace and it might be to strong but when they nerf it should still be playable so I’ll still have a strong boosted Dino. But that’s not how nerfs tend to go around here.

For some of these Dino’s like sino new players are better off not being given their dna… monthly and seasonal dna should always be meta relevant so it benefits both groups… alliance weekly rewards is where the creating for your Dino dex type dna.

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