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The game becomes increasingly difficult for new players

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You already have 20 to 21. Dang you almost at me after like 3 months.

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It probably will get harder for new player because your only able to use boosts at level ten and the weekly. incubators are basically gone.

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I agree with everyone who responded to this post, today it is easier to get DNA, but I was not referring to the DNA that certain incubators give, but to the coins that are increasingly necessary to go up from level to the creatures, and since update 2.0 it is more difficult to access them for those who do not want to spend real money in the game, the game is made in excess of 90 percent of paying, to win … That was my point of the discussion.

I feel if you ever played DnD you would be a fighter, they have almost all weapons available to them at start. They also get a free belly rub as well, good thing they don’t get magic… WAIT A Sec they can get magic at lvl 3… But my point being is if a game does not have a balance of time consumption and reward whats the point. Whats the glory of getting indominus rex at the end of day 7 of playing this game. Ludia has to make sure players have a reason to play if I could get 25,000 coins a day then whats the point of getting outside and exploring.

He must have an awesome alliance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just started when 2.0 came out and I find some stuff tough but I still have fun

yup. Cant believe it tho.