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The game deducting coins from you

Does anyone notice that your coins have gone down?

A few weeks ago I noticed I was around 900,000 something. Just under a million. I opened an incubator and did battles and gave donations and saw it over a million. Then I noticed it was back under a million and I hadn’t spent any coins.

Today I had 1,488,000 coins or so. I opened a 24hr and got 15,000 gave some donations. Opened a treasure box and got a few coins from green supply drop. I looked at my coins and it was back to 1,488,000 or whatever. Not sure of the exact number.

Here’s the thing. BOTH times I saw the 1million coins and today I saw the 1.5 million. Now it’s gone down and I haven’t spent anything.

I’ve contacted support both times. Last time of course I was just seeing things according to their data but I know what I saw because both times I was looking towards that mile stone. This game frustrates me so much.

Can’t say that I’ve lost any. Really odd.

Same thing happened to me last week! Approx 4K coins dropped off. Utterly bizarre, no reason whatsoever!

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Just happened to me. I lost about 5k coins… I thought i was crazy hehe

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@Caleb & @DinoThunder did you guys contact support?

I opened the game and had something around 684k coins. I opened a few incunators and when i was speeding up the 15 min one, i had to do something and left my phone on the table. When i came back and unlocked my phone, i was on the app store because of the 30 seconds ad. I pressed the “return” button and could not come back to game. After that, i closed all the apps and then i opened the game and noticed that i had around 680k coins. I came here i saw this post, and after 15~20 minutes i opened the game again now i have 687 coins, which is the amount of coins i should have if none of this bugs had happened. I think it’s just a matter of time till we get coins back, i don’t know. If you guys can, try speeding up your incubators and when you go to the “download app screen”, lock your phones and wait a few minutes. Then, when you unlock it close The apps and open jw again. If your coins drop, i think we just discovered a new bug lol

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Mine still haven’t come back. It’s messed up. I got my coins last night so my coins for today didn’t move much besides the small amount from donations a few treasure boxes. So I knew once I got that 24hr it would get me above 1.5million. It did. Then took them away. So screwed up. Makes me so mad. I saw it then saw it was missing.

@Ned anything you guys can do? I’ve wrote support in game.

Deleted the game and reinstalled and it didn’t give the coins back.

The game has become a very pay to win game…to such an extend that if you don’t pay with money, then Ludia will pay with your money themselve :joy:. Ps. Sorry rhis happened to you. With the many issues and bugs in this game, it certainly possible that this can happen…unfortunately.


Hey Phil, I’m sorry to hear that happened with your Coins.

If you had already contacted our support team, they’d have to take a closer look at your account to see what might have happened, once they see your message.

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So support and their fancy time stamp data never saw my coins reach the amount that I saw. I guess I’m just making things up. Not like I’m low on coins trying to get 15k free. I wouldn’t waste my time with support and their stupid questions either. So I’m glad myself and the other 2 members who noticed their coins decreased are liars. Thanks. Happened to me twice now.