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The game doesn’t start

The game won’t let me in.
“It’s impossible do the login”
I try all the options.
Please help me, it’s very important for me.

Need to blur out your support key.


good luck, they did not helped me.

What did You do

I wrote on support,
we still are solving it with support, but for me it looks like a problem with the device

It’s a shame. The game is really a lot of fun and we’ll put together…but the support system is abysmal. The amount of errors in updates, and continuous crashes to new tablets is just insane. I bought my son a new tablet 7… can’t even play the game on it for more than a couple minutes. Like I said, fun game…but it doesn’t seem to function very well on numerous devices that it should…and it seems like typically the device is blamed. Dude, basically every app works on these devices except this game, which just seems way over it’s head in programming capability. Want to love it, want to pay the subscription fees, but at some point you have to execute the basics.

Yeah, I’m getting constant server disconnects since the Brachiosaurus update. Anything I do, the game just kicks me out.

I’ve got the same issue. The initial load title load screen appears, then just disappears and goes back to my home screen. Repeat, over and over since about 10am today. Before that, every time I opened the game I had a 13mb download to start (happening for the last few days).

Using iPhone 6S, if it makes a difference. Help!

Welcome to the forums, @Davebearpig! By any chance, does your device has enough storage space? Our FAQ here provides a list of steps that can help.

If you’re still unable to login, please reach out and provide your support key to our support team at Thank you.

Ronald, Thanks for the quick response! I freed up more space on my phone, there was only .75 free GB at the time. Have over 20 GB free now, but still experiencing the problem. Initial load screen appears, and then just blacks out and returns to my home screen- that is as far as I can get. Will forward this to Ludia support, I appreciate your help!

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